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What To Buy A One-Year-Old For Christmas

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It can be difficult to know what to buy a one-year-old for Christmas. Tesco has recently revealed their list of the top 10 Kids Christmas presents, which features the likes of Fingerlings, Unicorn slime, and Fantastic Beasts Lego. And, while most of the toys on the list are perfect for older children, there’s nothing that screams it’s suitable for a one-year-old.

This year, I’m really organised and have already got all of Little E’s Christmas gifts. In fact, I had them all before the end of September! However, if you haven’t yet started your Christmas shopping or are looking for inspiration on what to buy your one-year-old for Christmas, here’s what will be under our Christmas tree this year.

George Wooden Play Kitchen

George’s wooden kitchen comes in both pink and blue. Therefore, there’s one to suit all little ones. However, at the time of writing, the large kitchen set that we purchased is out of stock. We opted for the pink one, but I do think the blue looks lovely, too. I spent ages looking for a play kitchen before turning to Twitter for help. Should I go for plastic or wood? Which was best? The overall consensus was definitely wood. Meanwhile, both the Ikea and  George wooden kitchens came out on top. In the end, I opted for the George one as I loved the design and available colours.

Kitchen accessories

Of course, no play kitchen is complete without the accessories. We opted for the Casdon Morphy Richards kitchen set which comes with a kettle, toaster, coffee maker, plates, teacups and cutlery. For the price, I think it’s an absolute steal. I’ve had a sneak peek inside the box and think it looks like great fun, too.

Waffle The Wonder Dog Toy

Little E absolutely adores Waffle The Wonder Dog on CBeebies. Therefore, I was really excited when I discovered Smyths selling a talking and singing Waffle. I’m so glad I pre-ordered it though as it’s now out of stock and I’ve heard rumours on Facebook that people are selling them on eBay for £50!

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Books, books and even more books

We read to Little E every night before bed. She has a fair amount of books already, but I’m getting a little bored of reading the same ones over and over again. Therefore, we’re buying her plenty of books this year. I think books are a great gift for a one-year-old for Christmas and I’m a big fan of the books from The Works. They do a great online deal where you can get 10 kids for £10. However, in-store these same books are three for £5. So, it definitely pays to shop online!

I must admit that I’ve had fun this year choosing gifts for my one-year-old for Christmas. And, I now can’t wait to see her open and play with them all.

Have you got any tips on what to buy a one-year-old for Christmas?

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