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5 Things I’m Looking Forward To My 17-Month-Old Growing Out Of

Kids growing out of clothes and toys happens far too quickly. However, when it comes to growing out of undesirable behaviours, it can’t come quickly enough. Recently, I’ve documented the cute things my daughter does. But, it’s not all rosy in our household. There are times where I feel like we’ve hit the terrible twos stage early. And other times where I just wish she would listen. Despite only being 17 months old, Little E certainly knows her own mind and there’s no stopping her when she wants to do something. As much as I love my darling daughter, these are the things I can’t wait for her to grow out of.

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  • Climbing

    The climbing is driving me crazy. Her latest fad is to climb on the side of the sofa and try to walk around the back of it. Last week, she decided to try and climb out of the shopping trolley during our Christmas shopping trip. And, she keeps climbing up the back of the chair onto my mum’s windowsill. Please tell me the climbing stops soon!

  • Fussy easting

    Weaning Little E was a breeze. She liked every food I gave her and we never had any problems. However, in the past few months, she’s become such a fussy eater. Foods she absolutely adored are now ignored or thrown on the floor. I’m struggling to know what to feed her, particularly at dinner time. I feel she’s too young for me to bargain with about only getting pudding if she eats her tea, too. So, I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place.

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  • Tantrums

    I know all kids have tantrums. The tantrums I’m talking about and the ones where she doesn’t get her own way, throws herself on the floor and doesn’t worry about bashing her head. She recently threw a tantrum in the garden about her new wellies. She threw herself back on the patio and hit her head. So, if she’s going to throw a strop, I’d like it to be a slightly less dangerous one!

  • Hurting our dog

    Little E absolutely adores our pet dog. The two of them often run around together, playing. However, in the past week, she seems to be deliberately hurting him. She will go up to him and grab him by his tail or take hold of a lump of fur and pull really hard. I’ll try and make her stop, but she refuses to let go and smirks at me. This is one that I really hope I can nip in the bud right away. I hate seeing my dog scared and hurt and Little E’s smirking is getting me down about it too.

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  • Hair pulling

    I often wear my hair in a plait and Little E has decided to start pulling it. In a similar way to how she refuses to let go of the dog’s tail, she does the same to me. Due to my alopecia areata, I’m particularly cautious of my hair. Therefore, this really isn’t a favourable trait.

Is there anything you’re looking forward to your child growing out of?


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  1. Ohhhh. I wish I could say the tantrums will stop – and they may for you. Mine is 6 in December and his tantrums are just louder. I swear he’s five going on fifteen! And whilst his eating is getting better, he’s still a fussy little sod! Thank you for sharing with #TriumphantTales

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