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10 Reasons To Start Your Christmas Shopping Today

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53% of Brits start their Christmas shopping between October and November. However, a whopping 24% wait until December. And, while December is traditionally the time to hit the shops to find the perfect gift, experts, including Martin Lewis OBE, state that now is the time to start your Christmas shopping. Therefore, if you’re looking for a reason to get festive now, here are 10 reasons why you start your Christmas shopping today.

  1. You’ll spend less

    Last year, Vouchercodes revealed that the average Brit spends £821.25 on gifts, food and Christmas decorations. But by starting your shopping now, you’ll be less inclined to grab the first items you find. Instead,

  2. You’ll have more time to plan

    For me, Christmas shopping is all about having a plan. A list of recipients to buy for is a must. Similarly, reviewing your finances and creating a budget is wise to ensure you don’t overspend. If you leave this preparation until December you’ll limit your planning time. Therefore, you’re more likely to rush around the shops in a frantic hurry.

  3. It’s less stressful

    IPSOS reports that 27% of women and 14% of men feel stressed about Christmas. There’s no denying that shopping in stuffy stores among crowds of people is stressful. Even shopping online can be a strain as you flick between sites trying to find the best deal. But, start your Christmas shopping now and you’ll have plenty of time to get everything in order.

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  4. You’ll find better bargains

    Retailers bank on consumers splashing the cash at Christmas. Therefore, they order high volumes of festive goods to encourage you to part with your cash. However, these goods are often novelty items which are of little use to anyone. Start your Christmas shopping now and you’ll pick up bargain gifts as retailers push to shift their existing stock to make room for their Christmas goods. Additionally, last year’s surplus winter stock will also be up for sale. A couple of week ago, I managed to get a winter coat for my daughter which was reduced by 33% because it was leftover stock from last year.

  5. There’s more choice

    Christmas stock is fresh in October. As a result, by shopping now you’ve got ample picking of all the finest Christmas gifts. Leave it until December and you’ll find little more than a Lynx gift set and a Cadbury selection box sitting on the shelves.

  6. You don’t have to endure endless Christmas tunes

    Hit the shops now and you’ll most likely encounter Halloween tracks playing. However, once 1st November rolls around, it will feel like every store is playing All I Want For Christmas on a loop. And, if that’s not good enough reason to start your Christmas shopping now, then I don’t what is.

  7. You won’t panic buy

    Research has revealed that almost 50% of Brits panic buy when shopping for Christmas gifts. This is because the pressure of Christmas often leads individuals will little time to plan. Therefore, hit the shops now and you’ll find much more thought and love goes into your gift buying.

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  8. You’ll have more time to enjoy the Christmas festivities

    Christmas is a time for spending with your family. However, the lead up to the big day can be much more exciting than the day itself. By getting your Christmas shopping out of the way now, you can enjoy fun-filled family Christmas activities through December.

  9. You’ll beat the crowds

    With one-third of Britons stating they leave their Christmas shopping until the week before Christmas, you can be sure that the shops will be packed. Furthermore, stock will be running low and you’ll likely struggle to find the perfect gift. Therefore show you loved ones you care, by hitting the shops now.

  10. You’ll avoid delivery delays

    As retailers offer thousands of cut-price deals on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, online sales surge. As a result, delivery delays occur and the risk of your gifts not arriving in time for the big day is high. Last year, Adidas refused to guarantee that deliveries would be made in time for Christmas. Meanwhile, DPD were forced to delay deliveries by 24 hours. By ordering now, you can be sure your gifts will be here in time and so there’ll be no last minute panic buying.

Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? If not, when do you typically start your Christmas shopping?


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  1. All so true! I now just need to get organised enough! xx Maria

  2. Ugh, I think that you might be right. Thanks for the reminder. #TriumphantTales

  3. I agree with all of these. I always do my shopping early. Of course there are last minute things to grab but the bulk of the gifts are done by mid-November. Good tips x #TriumphantTales

  4. We’ve actually done most of ours already =] all the kids are done, its just grandparents, the inlaws and my nieces and nephews! It feels so good to be stress free for once!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week.

  5. you’ll be pleased to hear by Christmas shopping is not only completed, but it has been wrapped and delivered. This is because I live in Dubai and won’t be back in the UK until February #triumphanttales

  6. Really good tips. I am the worst for wasting money on panic buying!! I’m going to try to be much more organised this year #triumphanttales

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