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25 No TV Activities For Toddlers

Children aged between two and ten years of age who watch more than two hours of television a day are 30% more likely to have high blood pressure, reports The Telegraph. As parents, there will always be a time where we plonk our kids in front of the TV and I don’t believe we should feel bad for doing so. Simple tasks such as mopping the floor or washing up are made so much easier when they’re distracted by Hey Duggee or The Teletubbies.

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However, when the household chores are done, it’s essential that other activities are introduced. It can be easy to find activities for your toddler in summer, but, too often, parents struggle for ideas when the weather turns. Therefore, if you need some inspiration for no TV activities, here are my top 25.

  1. Magic painting.
  2. Fill a bucket with water, add toys, utensils etc and let your little one have fun.
  3. Play with letter/number fridge magnets.
  4. Play dress up.
  5. Create your own ‘soft play’ using the sofa, pillows, cushions etc.
  6. Teddy bear’s tea party/picnic.
  7. Make a den using chairs and sheets.
  8. Look at photos together.
  9. Create a memory box.
  10. Have a disco.
  11. Go to the library and explore new books.
  12. Create a mini assault cause using a pop up tent, play tunnel etc.
  13. Get creative with dried pasta, glue and card.
  14. Get out in the garden, whatever the weather.
  15. Cut holes in a cardboard box. Give your child a selection of household items and post them into the box.
  16. Use chalk to draw on the patio.chalk photo
  17. ‘Paint the house’ – with a paint brush and water, paint your outside brickwork.
  18. Make a game out of stepping stones.
  19. Go on an adventure at the park.
  20. Make paper airplanes.
  21. Bath your dog.
  22. Go window shopping.
  23. Make a tower.
    baking photo
  24. Decorate biscuits/cupcakes.
  25. Play hide and seek.

What are your toddler’s favourite no-TV activities?

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