parents and 2 children standing in the distance by a lake
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Family Favourites – August

parents and 2 children standing in the distance by a lake

August has been a funny one. We started off with blazing sunshine and blistering temperatures, however in the past few weeks it’s felt more and more like autumn. And, I have to confess that I have been thinking about Christmas. However, we have had plenty of family fun this month. Although, there have been a few lows, too.

Money Woes

At the start of the month I pledged that we would spend less money, but still have fun. However, that quickly went out of the window when a spate of issues hit. As a result, we’ve spent more money this month than ever before. Typically, both myself and my partner have had a various car problems to pay for. One of which involved my car exhaust falling in and being stuck with a tired one-year-old and my dog. Then, our TV stopped working and we needed a new one and, to top it off, I’ve had to replace my laptop. I tried to hold off on buying a new one, but as I need my laptop to work, I had no choice.

Family Adventures

We started off the month taking a trip to Pleasurewood Hills. Sadly,  Pleasurewood Hills is no longer what it once was and we were disappointed with our trip. To find out more about our disappointment, please read my full Pleasurewood Hills review.  We also took Little One swimming again this month. And while she didn’t enjoy it to start with, it did become a hit the longer she spent in the water. But, I must say we shan’t be visiting in the school holidays again as the pool was packed and it wasn’t chaos.

New Words

Little One’s speech has really progressed in the past month and she is spending a lot of time practicing her words. ‘Ok’ and ‘dummy’ are new words which are she is pronouncing clearly. While other words such as ‘love you’ seem to be creeping through but aren’t quite clear yet.

Maximizing Play

After delaying going to parent and baby groups, they’ve now become one of my family favourites. I try to take Little One to these groups at least three times a week as she seems to really enjoy them.  I find it especially cute when all the little kids sit around the table, eat snacks, drink and chat to each other. As we don’t really know anyone else with young children these groups are great at helping little one to socialize with other children.

And now we’re in September! How was your August?

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