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Facing My First Parent & Baby Group

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Parent and baby groups have always scared me. I’ve put off going to them months, for fear that I would be the odd mum out. The only mum not to know any other mums. The mum no one wanted to talk to.

In my 2018 goals, I pledged to join such a group. But, to be honest, that one promise has been haunting me all year. So I put off going for as long as possible. I waited until Little E was 14 months old and into everything, knowing that if I was an outcast, she’d drag me away from one activity to the next in a heartbeat. But, still I was worried about what I would be faced with.

Our first parent & baby group

It didn’t help that I couldn’t park anywhere near the group. I wasn’t prepared to have to walk nearly a 1000 steps (I had my fitness tracker on) without Little E’s stroller or reins, but we eventually made it. Thankfully, as soon as I stepped into the room I felt at ease. The two ladies running the group were lovely and after a quick form to fill in, we were up and running. There were only a couple of other mum’s there and at no point did I feel like the odd one out. Little E loved the various toys on offer and I got to have a chat with the ladies in charge. It was such a relief to have got our first parent & baby group out of the way and I promised to return the following week.

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A success

My confidence has grown since then and a new found love for these groups has appeared. A few weeks later, we attended a different parent & baby group. This time my other half was able to come. We were, however, the only ones there. And, every time we have been back since, there’s only been one other parent and child. However, I have been reassured that this is due to the school holidays. I think this has helped to ease both us of in, though. And, I’d strongly recommend that any parent who is feeling apprehensive about attending a parent and baby group does so when it’s a little quieter than usual as it really helps to make you feel comfortable.

We now attend three different parent & baby groups every week. At times, it can feel like a lot. However, I genuinely believe that both Little E and I get a lot out of them. It’s nice to talk to other parents and other children, but it’s also lovely to see my daughter spend time around other children – although all the others seem to be a lot older than her!

Finding a parent & baby group

In our local area there are parent and baby groups which are both free and which charge. We attend the ones which are free of charge and, despite their being no fee to attend, all the groups are well-planned and there are plenty of toys and activities to keep children of all ages entertained. While, I haven’t yet been to a group that I haven’t enjoyed, don’t be deterred if you attend one and find that it’s not right for you or your child. Rather than ditch parent and baby groups altogether, look for an alternative in your area.

Do you attend parent and baby groups? How did you feel before visiting your first one?


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  1. Wow you’ve done brilliantly. I didn’t do many groups when my little man was a baby, for the same reasons as you first mentioned. I did give them a go but they just weren’t for me. Well done you. Thanks for sharing with #TriumphantTales. Do come back next week.

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