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Choosing The Best Toys For Toddlers

There’s nothing worse than spending a small fortune on toys for toddlers, only for your child to show no interest in them. In 2016, the average British child aged nine years or under received toys totalling a value £350, according to the British Toy and Hobby Association and NPD Group.

Last Christmas, Little E was 7 months old and we bought her toys for toddlers intended from 12 months. Therefore, it’s no surprise that most of them were pushed to one side in favour of their packaging. However, we did this as we hoped she would grow with them. But, it’s only now at 15 months of age that she’s really showing interest in the vast majority of them.

I like toys which are versatile, but most of all have educational benefits. Little E has been gifted tons of teddies and dolls, but none of them are of interest to her. Although, I’m hoping that when she’s a little older she’ll use them in role play games. But, for now, her favourites revolve around making a mess and having fun.

Ball pit

I particularly like this Worlds Apart ball pit as it’s designed to promote sensory development. It comes complete with sensory items, including a bean bag and mirror. 30 balls are also included to get you started. We’ve currently got 330 balls in ours and this just covers the bottom of the ball pit. Therefore, you’ll need a substantial amount of balls to truly fill it. Little E was seven months old when she got this ball pit and, after the initial novelty wore off, she wasn’t interested in it. However, in recent weeks, we haven’t been able to tear her away from it. In fact, she cries when we pack it away to vacuum the house and it’s not long before she gets the parts out and places them on the floor in protest.

Fisher Price Cookie Shape Surprise

As toys for toddlers go this is up there as one of Little E’s favourites. When she got The Fisher Price Cookie Shape Surprise at seven months old, she was more interested in putting the shapes in her mouth. However, this is now a toy she plays with every day. She’s sussed how to put three of the shapes in the right holes and spends ages repeating this. Learning shapes is a key development skill for children, so this toy is great at bolstering this.


Tea Party Set

Little E is lucky to have both this and this tea party set. However, the Leap Frog one is definitely her preferred one of the two. I think it’s because the cake set comes in seven parts rather than four. It’s also simpler to put the cake together as they slot onto a round plate and don’t need to be stacked. Both sets sing songs and Little E now loves to pour tea out of the pot and drink from them.

My First Puzzle Collection

Little E received the Bing My First Puzzle collection for her 1st birthday. However, Ravensburger also have Peppa pig, The Gruffalo and Thomas the Tank Engine in their collection. What I like most about these sets is that they contain four puzzles and each one has a different number of pieces; 2,3,4 and 5. They’re all good sizes and Little E is obsessed with hers. And while, she doesn’t yet know how to match up the pieces, she loves taking them in and out of the box and laying them on the carpet. As you can see from the state of our puzzle box, this is a firm favourite.

Inflatable play ball

A play ball is a low cost toy for toddlers which will keep your child entertained for years to come. Our daughter got hers when she’d just turned one and she adores running around the garden holding it. She also laughs out loud when our dog chases. Playing with a ball helps toddlers to learn hand-eye coordination skills, motor skills and time judgement.

With toys for toddlers costing parents a substantial chunk of cash each year, it’s best to choose ones which will grow with your child.

What toys does your toddler enjoy playing with the most?

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  1. We had a version of tea party set. So cute. #dreamteam

  2. Ben’s become obsessed with balls lately so he’d love that!!! He also loves to throw the balls from his ball pit around! These are a great list of toddler friendly toys! Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week!

  3. Awwww toddler toys are the best! I remember all these. We had the egg set that came in a little egg box and they hatch manually to reveal cheeping chicks. So cute! We actually still have these in my little ones kitchen. Oh the toys! Come to think of it. A lot of the toys lasted really well and gradually got played with in a different context. Thanks for joining us for the #dreamteam xx

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