My First Year Blogging

My first year blogging has been fun, exciting, challenging and, at times, frustrating. But, all in all, it’s been a great journey.

Today marks one year since I launched The Rolling Baby. Back then, I was on maternity leave going slightly stir crazy with a three month old that did little more than roll and sleep.

Had I have waited much longer, I don’t think I would have ever taken the plunge. Naps started to subside and Little E hit her development milestones too quickly for my liking. Crawling occurred at six months, while walking was mastered at ten months. Weaning proved, fun and frustrating, until her love of food kicked in.

But I did it. And I’ve kept it up. I haven’t always stuck to my promise of posting new content two to three times a week. My leap into freelance writing alongside parenting has put paid to that. But, for the most, I post fairly regularly.

When it comes to meeting blogging milestones, the one year mark is a big one. So, what better way to mark my first year blogging than by looking back over the best bits?

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My first post went live

Back on the 21st August 2017, my first blog post went live. I introduced The Rolling Baby, AKA Little E and I was officially a Blogger.

My first milestone – three months blogging

In my first three months, I’d published more than 50 posts and been nominated for my first blogging award.

Committing to Blogmas

Blogmas was my biggest challenge to date. For 25 days straight, I posted a new festive themed post.

Going self-hosted

Blogger wasn’t doing it for me. I hated my site design and the visitor numbers it showed were inaccurate. Therefore, I switched to WordPress and went self-hosted. To my surprise, going self-hosted was far easier than I anticipated.

Featured Blogger

I regularly participate in blogging linkies and have been lucky enough to have been awarded ‘Featured Blogger’ on three occasions during my first year blogging.

Growing my DA

The first time I checked my Domain Authority, it was 10. By no means awful, but I wanted it to be higher. However, it’s now gone up to 22 which I’m more than pleased with.

Approached by brands

Several brands have approached me to work with them. However, I’ve yet to find one that suits my niche and sticks to Google’s advertising rules. While, these offers haven’t worked out, I feel positive that brands are keen on working with me.

future photo

The future

My first year blogging has gone like lightening. Given my circumstances, I feel I’ve achieved a considerable amount. However, there is so much more that I want to do.


Affiliates are cited as a great way to make a passive income from your blog, so I’d like to look further into this over the next year to determine whether it’s the right thing for me. I already used Amazon affiliates but I believe there are many more options out there.

Work with the right brands

Working with brands is my ideal goal, but I’ve always said that I’ll only work with the right ones. Sadly, I don’t think my chance will come if I don’t reach out to them directly. Therefore, I need to build my confidence and work on achieving this.

Increase my DA

What blogger doesn’t want to increase their domain authority? While I don’t have a set figure in mind, I’d be happy to see the figure in the high 20’s this time next year.

Increase my blog’s traffic

Again, every blogger wants to get as many hits as possible. And, while my stats are by no means poor, I believe they could be better with the right content, advertising etc.

Maximize Pinterest

Everywhere I turn, bloggers are shouting about how much traffic Pinterest generates for them. I have fits and starts with the social media platform, however, I can see its benefits. And, as I don’t use much social media other than Twitter, Pinterest is definitely something I need to work on.

So, there you have it. That’s what my first year blogging looks like. It’s been a great year and I want to thank everyone who has read, shared and commented on my posts over the past 12 months.

Here’s to the next year!



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  1. Congratulations on your first year blogging! You have done so well and it’s definitely something to shout about! I cant wait to hear how your second year went!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week!

  2. Recently celebrated my first year of blogging too. Congratulations. 🙂

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