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How To Save Cash On The Road This Summer

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2018 is the year of the staycation. Latest statistics reveal that more Brits are shunning holidays abroad in favour of holidays at home. According to The Express, 57% of the nation will be staying in the UK this year for their holidays. But, with the average staycation coming in at £823 and us parents feeling the pinch, here’s how to save cash on your journey.

Avoid on the go food

Service station food is tempting because there are usually multiple outlets crammed together offering a variety of foods. And you’re forced to walk past them as the loos are always strategically placed at the back of the building. However, you’ll typically pay three times as much for items compared to if you were to get them in your local supermarket. According to a mystery shopping investigation, supermarkets, such as Asda and Tesco charge just over £1 for a sausage roll, whereas, some service stations charge as much as £2.59. An investigation by channel 4 found that KFC, McDonalds and Costa prices at service stations are inflated by as much as 28%. Therefore, preventing yourself from being ripped off is a must.

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It sounds obvious, but taking a packed lunch for all the family is the cheapest and most convenient option. Alternatively, head off the motorway and utilize the cafe in the closest supermarket to save yourself some considerable dough.

Filling up your car

If you want to save cash on the road, avoiding motorway filling stations is a must. Earlier this year it was revealed that motorway petrol stations face investigation. Shockingly, research shows that filling up your car on the motorway costs £10 more than at your local filling station. While, it may not always be possible to avoid motorway petrol garages, always ensure you fill up before you hit the motorway. You should do some research too and compare prices using petrolprices.com to ensure you’re getting the best value for money.

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Watch your speed

If 2016’s speeding statistics are anything to go by, drivers are throwing away millions each year. 1.97 million fixed penalty notices were issued in England and Wales in 2016. The minimum fine for this offence is £100, therefore it really does pay to keep an eye on your speed. Regardless of how keen you are to get off the road, don’t be tempted to put your foot down on the motorway. This is the only way to avoid a fine and save cash. Additionally, remember that average speed cameras clock your average speed, not just the speed you travel through them at.

With British staycations on the rise and many individuals hit financially hard after becoming parents, it’s essential you take action to prevent your costs on the road from spiralling. Therefore, avoid service station food at all costs, fill up away from the motorway and watch your speed.

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