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15 Cute Things You Do At 15 Months

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As I write this laying on the floor next to your cot, you’re anything bar cute. In the last 35 minutes, you’ve kicked me in the head, taken your sleeping bag off, emptied the wicker basket next to your cot and ignored me when I’ve told you to lay down. And you’re currently shouting ‘yeah!’ over and over for no reason other than you can.

You should be exhausted. I know I am. Today we went to play group, Nana’s house and went swimming. You’ve had one nap all day and were rubbing your eyes up until I put you to bed.

That being said, your cute habits have grown since your 14 month update. Now that you’re 15 months, one of the biggest characteristics I see in you is kindness. Recently, you’ve spent more time around other children then ever before and this is where I see how caring you are. Today, a boy at playgroup was crying and you walked up to him with a box of crayons and offered them to him and my heart just melted. There was also a boy who dropped the tower of toys he was holding. You rushed over and I assumed you were going to play with them. But you didn’t. Instead, you picked the pieces up and handed them back to him.

Aside from these acts, there are so many other adorable things you do. Therefore, here’s Mummy’s top 15, now you’re 15 months old.

  1. Stick cheerios to your tummy rather than eating them at breakfast.
  2. Every time you see the dog’s biscuits, you pick one up and take it to him.
  3. Give me a ‘squeeze’ hug when I dress you after your bath.
  4. Wave to our elderly neighbours when you see them.
  5. Wave goodbye to our dog when we go out without him.
  6. Hang around your high chair at dinner time, urging me to hurry up.
  7. Help me weed the patio.
  8. Walk around the house with your Hetty cleaning bucket on your head.
  9. Get your ball pit out as soon as we put it away.
  10. Dance and clap along to Cbeebies theme songs.
  11. Attempt to brush your own teeth.
  12. Try to feed me and Daddy your leftovers.
  13. Turn every object possible into a cup by pretending to drink out of it.
  14. High five me on demand.
  15. Say ‘hiya’ to people sitting on the table next to ours in a restaurant.

What cute things does your baby little one do at 15 months?


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  1. Haha! What a lovely post yes I remember it well being fed the girls leftovers quite gross but madly we let them do it haha! #triumphanttales

  2. It seems only yesterday that my almost 6-year-old was doing all of these things. Time flies by too fast! Enjoy it. Thanks for sharing with #TriumphantTales!

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