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Family Days Out Which Don’t Cost The Earth

The school holidays are here and summer shows no sign of letting up, which means it’s time to spend some valuable family time together. However, family days out can be expensive. According to Travelodge, parents spent £2,510 keeping their kids entertained during the summer of 2017. This isn’t much of a surprise when the average day out reportedly costs £87.

We relish family time together as my partner works full time and I’m self employed so when we get chance to go out together, we do. Now that Little E is 14 months, she’s into a lot more than she was this time last year and I know over the coming years, she’ll want to go to more and more costly places. But, if you don’t have the spare cash or simply don’t want to spend thousands this summer, rest assured as there are plenty of fun family activities you can do which don’t cost the earth.

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Head to the park

Our local park has got a paddling pool which has been jam packed this summer, thanks to the glorious weather. But even if your local park doesn’t have a pool, they are great places to play games and enjoy a long walk. We even saw a little girl having her birthday party in our local park last week as the sun was shining.

Have a picnic

Picnics are great family activities as you can make your lunch together before heading to your destination of choice. A picnic in the park, on the beach or even in the back garden is the ideal way to spend a sunny afternoon.

Visit your local museum

According to the Museum Association, there are 2,500 museums in the UK. There are currently more than 50 free national museums in the country and some non-national ones are free, too. Therefore, there are plenty to choose from. You could even get the kids to create a scrapbook to take into school with them in September.

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Go on a nature trail

This doesn’t have to be at any dedicated location. Simply walking through the woods, around the park or around a lake will result in you bumping into various nature. Don’t forget to take your camera so you can get some good snaps of what you spot!

Local fayres and fetes

In our local area, there have been tens of free fayres and fetes on recently. Typically, these are held in parks, school playing fields and large outdoor venues, but they are mostly free to enter. You may have to fork out a little for the kids to enjoy a go on the large inflatables, but other sources of entertainment, such as dancing, singing and magicians are put on for free.

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Visit the beach

As the UK is in the midst of a heatwave, the beach is perfect for a low cost day out. You’ll get to enjoy the sunshine while reaping the benefits of the sea breeze too. And all it will cost you is an ice cream each.

Go swimming

This is one of the more costly activities on my list. However, once you’re in the pool there’s usually no time limit to how long you can stay in. Therefore, for around £20 for the whole family, you can enjoy an entire afternoon in your local leisure centre. My baby’s first swim was a roaring success and I’ve promised myself that we’ll go more often as swimming is a great skill to learn, it’s fun and it’s great exercise, too.

What are your favourite low-cost family days out?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    We love going into london and doing all the museums, it’s such a great day out but done on the cheap especially when you can grab a meal deal on boots clubcard points =]
    Thanks for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales, look forward to seeing you back next week!

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