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Should Parents Worry About Baby Formula?

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You’ll frequently find debates between parents regarding bottle and breastfeeding. As a parent who tried breastfeeding but ultimately used baby formula to feed her baby, I advocate personal choice and doing what’s best for you and your baby. Of course there are benefits in breastfeeding, but baby formula can benefit individuals, too. However, the news that Aptamil’s new baby formula is making babies ill is an alarming issue which is worrying thousands of parents up and down the country.

New recipe

Aptamil is the UK’s second biggest baby milk brand, with 783,000 parents choosing it in 2017. But, sales could soon decline as parents claim the new recipe is making their newborns sick. To add further insult, Aptamil have joined the ‘shrinkflation’ revolution and have cut 100g from the tub. Yet, are still charging the same price for the product. The new formula hit shelves just weeks ago and multiple parents claim that their child became ill after just one feed. Sarah Foster, mum to Tobi, told the M.E.N’s Manchester Family: “He was sick straight away when feeding him the first feed of it. As soon as it hit his tummy it was back up. It was then I noticed it didn’t mix the same.” Other parents agree, stating that the mixture appears to curdle when added to water.

Aptamil’s response

Aptamil have assured parents that extensive checks have been carried out to ensure the milk is safe for consumption. Clinical trials were also completed prior to the new product hitting shelves. They stated: “The safety and quality of our products is our number one priority and we know how worrying it can be when introducing a new formula.” They went on to advise that parents must ensure they read the new instructions on how to make up the product as this could impact the formulation. Speaking of the reduced pack size, Aptamil stated this was done due to an increase in additional ingredients.

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Parental error

From reading Aptamil’s Facebook page, many parents feel that Aptamil are blaming them for making their baby sick. The general consensus is that Aptamil are stating parents aren’t making the formula up right. However, having bottle fed my baby for the best part of a year, it’s difficult to get it wrong. One parent even commented that their child ended up in hospital after the milk made her sick. With such bad press and multiple babies falling ill, it’s difficult to see how Aptamil will retain consumer backing.

The impact

No parent wants to see or deal with an ill baby. It’s bad enough when your baby picks up a bug and develops a cough or a cold. But when the baby formula you’re feeding him or her is causing a bout of sickness, it’s fair to say that most parents will ditch and switch. Switching to a new baby formula is effortless. After all, there are a wide range of them on the market and Baby Center advises that there shouldn’t be any health related issues occur following a swap. We personally used Aldi’s Mamia baby formula and had no problems with it. Best of all, it’s significantly cheaper than leading brands at just £7.29 a tub.

Had our choice of baby formula been the subject of such issues, I would have immediately changed product, regardless of cost. As parents, we only want the best for our children and once many individuals find a product that works, they become brand loyal. Unfortunately, the issues that have arisen following Aptamil’s change in recipe is likely to turn thousands of once happy customers to rival brands.

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  1. I think its each to their own. As long as new parents are educated on both breast and bottle feeding. Then they can make an informed choice #Blogstravaganza

  2. Things like this can be such a worry. I was able to breastfeed, but I agree, if I had bottle fed and read something like this then I would have switched brands. I hope they figure out what the issue is and rectify it quickly. Thank you for sharing with #Blogstravaganza

  3. Momoftwolittlegirls says:

    Wow. I hadn’t heard about this. It sounds awful and very stressful for the parents.

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