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Surprising Places To Buy Baby Goods From

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I love a bargain. Whether it’s cut price baby items or switching to a better energy deal, I’m all for it if it saves me cash. In most cases, I’m not prepared to pay more for something from a specialist parent/baby store when I can pick it up cheaply elsewhere. So, if you’re a parent looking to make ends meet on your maternity pay, an expectant parent wondering why babies cost so much or a loved one looking to buy a gift, here’s some of the best non-baby shops to pick up baby goods.


I spend a fortune in B&M each year. Come Christmas, I’m in there every week scouring the shelves for bargains, but it’s just as good for nabbing baby bargains. Typically, their range of baby items vary, although, there are products which they stock all year round. Clothes, toiletries, bottles, nappy creams and blankets are always available. While, changing mats, food items and more appear every so often. Our baby changing mat was just £5 and was more than half the price of the ones on sale in our local Mothercare.


Poundland is great for picking up all sorts and you never know what you’re going to find. I picked up Tommee Tippee weaning bowls from there last year. I also grabbed tubes of the Dentinox teething gel and their cradle cap shampoo. They also sell books and I’ve picked up a fair few for Little E in the past.

Pep & Co

Pep & Co is tucked away at the back of multiple Poundland stores. They do lovely outfits for little ones which often beat supermarket prices. However, sizing tends to be small so always opt for the next size up.


Aldi is my star pick. Nappies, baby milk, wipes and bath essentials are all available at a fraction of the cost you’ll find them elsewhere. We currently get 98 size 4 nappies for less than a fiver. They also regularly hold baby events where you can pick up some great stuff. We got a replacement stroller for £30 and a highchair for less than £15 last year.


I’m an Amazon Prime customer and I utilise their service wherever possible. I got a baby handprint set for less than £10 when little one was born. Our Moses basket mattress also came from there using their next day delivery service. In fact, our thank you cards, steriliser, Tommee Tippee nail set, anti-tip furniture straps, footmuff and parasol were all picked up cheaply from Amazon.

What shops have surprised you with their collection of baby goods?

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