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Do You Regret Your Choice Of Baby Name?

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Your baby’s name is the one thing they will live with for live, so it’s essential you get it right. In 2017, the most popular baby name for girls was Sophia, while, Jackson came out on top for boys. When it came to naming my daughter, my other half and I agreed on it long before we were expecting. However, a group of mums have recently taken to the internet to reveal their regret at their choice of baby name. Therefore, here’s how to avoid making the same mistake when it comes to selecting your child’s name.

Get inspiration

Whether you choose a book or the internet there are thousands of baby name ideas waiting to be found. Books can be picked up quite cheaply and also make great gifts for expectant parents. Whereas, the internet allows you to hunt for names whenever the mood takes you. So, if it’s a biblical inspired name, a French name or a festive themed baby name you’re after, the perfect one is at the tip of your fingers.

Check out the most popular baby names

If you don’t want your child to go to school with multiple other Ava’s or you’re worried that a class of Oliver’s will be confusing for both the children and the teacher, make sure you check out the latest list of most popular baby names. Instead, look for names by scouring Pinterest, internet forums and even your favourite TV shows.

Make a baby name list

It might sound obvious, but when you’ve got baby brain, you’ll likely forget some of your favourites. Both you and your partner should make your own lists. Then, sit down and go through them and make a shortlist together. There’s a good chance you’ll each have names the other didn’t think of it which will widen your options. And, it’s even better if you find you both have a match.

Consider nicknames

You might love the name Rebecca, but does Becky appeal? It’s common for kids names to be abbreviated by family members and friends, so it’s important you like all variations of their name. One mum told BabyCentre that she hated her child’s name when shortened. “I hate names that can be shortened and Lewis’s name gets shortened to Loo, which is just awful.”

The spelling

When you’re picking a popular name such as Amelia or Harry, it can be tempting to amend the spelling to make the name look a little more unique. Emelia and Harri may look pretty, but you may struggle to find kids’ stuff with their names on it. And while this might not sound like much of a problem now, wait until you’ve got a three year old screaming in the middle of Poundland because they can’t get a ruler with their name on it!

How did you choose your baby’s name? And do you regret your choice of baby name?

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  1. I thought I was being so different choosing my childrens names – but they ended up being so popular at the time. But that’s my only regret xx

  2. We’re into very traditional names and the standard ways of spelling them! Thanks so much for sharing with #Blogstravaganza xx

  3. When I picked my daughter’s name I hadn’t heard that many girls with her name. Now it is pretty much top of the girls name charts mosts years or in top 5 at least! #blogstravaganza

  4. I just picked out names I liked and then hubby helped narrow it down. (His list included silly names, so he let me generate while he cut, if that makes sense). We made sure we looked at nicknames and initials and how it would pair with and without the middle name. I’m pretty pleased with my choice, but kids will find anything to make fun of. That’s life I suppose.

    The only thing that surprises me is that he has the standard spelling for both first and middle name, but more and more people attempt to spell it exotically. They don’t even start with the original, lol. It’s nuts!


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