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24 Hours After One Year Old’s Injections

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As parents we know the importance of taking our kids to have their injections. While some are against children having them, most are for them. In the UK, at one year’s of age, toddlers are offered the MMR vaccination. The letter reminding me to make an appointment arrived on Little E’s first birthday and I made the appointment for two weeks later.

I was a little apprehensive about the appointment, knowing that my daughter would be alert and much more aware of what was going on than when she had her last set at 16 weeks old. Thankfully, the nurse was quick with the four injections – one in each leg and each arm. She screamed and cried of course, but as soon as we were out of there she was back to her normal self.

The next morning

I was expecting Little E to have a temperature, but she woke up with a full on cold, which isn’t one of the side effects listed on the NHS website. Then her temperature started to rocket and it hit in excess of 38 degrees C, so out came the infant paracetamol. She was cranky all day, her toys were of no interest to her, the TV was halfheartedly watched and she cried repeatedly. Come lunchtime she refused to eat and started holding her ear to her shoulder. I was convinced she had an ear infection. After more medicine, tears and ear pulling, I called the doctors and they squeezed us in.

The wait

An incident occurred with another patient which resulted in us waiting to be seen for over an hour. In contrast, to the previous days wait where she ran around in circles in the waiting room, Little E sat on my lap, quiet and completely unlike herself. She was burning up, her cheeks were bright red and hot to touch and she went floppy and lethargic. I panicked and considered rushing to reception to demand to be seen, but then she fell asleep. For many parents, this may be a normal occurrence, but my daughter hasn’t fallen asleep on me for months.

Seeing the doctor

The doctor immediately noticed her bright red face and took her temperature which was 39.3 degrees C. He thoroughly checked her over and diagnosed her with a fever and ear infection and promptly prescribed some antibiotics. Thankfully, they kicked in quickly and she soon bounced back. Just the next day, I could see how much better she was feeling.

A consequence?

I have no idea whether the injections played a part in Little E’s sudden illness. It seems fairly unlikely but the timing fits perfectly. Some may say it was a consequence and simply one of those things. While, others will concur that the injections played a role. Either way it was a worrying 24 hours and I’m glad we’ve made it through it.

How did your one year old get one with their MMR injection?


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  1. It is a worry how our children will react to vaccinations. I am glad your little one is ok. My 12 year old has just had the HPV vaccine, luckily she had no reaction at all.

  2. Anonymous says:

    i’m so glad that Little E is on the mend! Jabs are a necessary evil unfortunately, I’m getting the boys first jabs next week and i’m praying they’ll be ok!
    Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back tomorrow.

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