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Saying Goodbye To The Baby Days

Having reached the grand old age of one, it’s safe to say that my daughter is no longer a baby. According to, a toddler is a child aged between one and three years of age. Despite, Little E only turning one in May,  for the past several months I’ve seen the toddler in her start to emerge.

Toddler tantrums

From throwing herself on the floor to biting me, the toddler tantrums are well and truly here. When I tell her off or take something away from her that she wants, she’ll scream, pull herself away from me and turn into a little madam. She even bites me which is something I’m keen to stop as with so many little teeth, it hurts! I find distraction is the best way of dealing with her tantrums.

Best foot forward

Little E has been walking since she was 10 months, so, in this sense, the baby days have long gone. She doesn’t need me to help her get around the house and she can even climb the stairs (with me standing close behind her). The problem with having your child walking early, though, is that it’s difficult to find shoes. Thankfully, the pair she has she loves and she even tries to out them on herself. It’s also made her very independent and she makes a point of letting us know what she wants.

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Cheeky personality

Little E has a great personality. She does all she can to make people laugh and is constantly smiling. One of her favourite things to do is to fall over on purpose and laugh to make us laugh. On shopping trips, she smiles at all the old ladies to get attention and takes the food out of the trolley that she doesn’t like. When we tell her ‘no’ she shakes her head to mimic us, only she does it with a great big grin on her face, making it difficult to be stern.

Meal times

All of a sudden, Little E adores her food. Her plate is now emptied with little persuasion and the amount thrown on the floor is minimal. I want to start to vary the foods she’s eating now she’s more interested in food. Recently, I’ve given her tuna, a homemade mini pie and baked beans and she loved them all, which is great.

plate photo

So it looks like the baby days are gone for good. They feel like a lifetime ago and I urge any new parent to make the most of their child while they’re a baby, because that time really does go quickly.

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