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Ways to keep your baby cool on a hot summer night

After what felt like a long winter, summer is finally here. June 2017 saw the temperature at Heathrow reach a scorching 34.5 degrees Celsius and we could very well hit a similar temperature this year. While, parents across the country may be ready to enjoy fun activities with the kids on hot sunny days, spare a thought for those with newborns struggling to keep their baby cool come the night.

During one of the hottest spells of 2017, my daughter was just a couple of months old and I really worried about her overheating in the stuffy bedroom. Thankfully, our Angelcare baby monitor was a reliable blessing, but I still stressed about the soaring temperature. So, we did all we could to stop the temperature from rising in our bedroom to ensure we all had a good night’s sleep. These methods are what worked best for us and I hope they help you out this summer, too.

Leave the windows and doors open

During summer, I keep the windows in our house open for as long as possible. I’ll then keep the interior doors open to allow air to circulate throughout the house. When I go out I close them but will immediately open them again as soon as I return home. Our bedroom ones stay open during balmy summer nights, too.

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Open the loft hatch

Our loft hatch is situated on the landing between our bedroom and our daughter’s. Last year, on nights where it was really hot, we opened it up and let the cool air into our open bedroom door.

Minimize clothing to keep your baby cool

It’s difficult to know what nightime clothing is best when you’re trying your best to keep your baby cool. Babies aren’t able to regulate their body temperature in the same way older children and adults can, so it can be a tough choice to make. You’re baby can sleep in just a nappy when it’s scorching. However, we opt to put her in short sleeve and leg sleepsuits to keep her comfortable.

Use fans

You shouldn’t put a fan directly facing a newborn in a bid to keep your baby cool. However, it’s fine to have one or two situated on the other side of the room on oscelate to reduce the temperature in the room.

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Regularly check baby

During the night, the temperature can suddenly change. Last year, I set my alarm to get up several times during the night to check that my daughter wasn’t too hot or too cold to ensure that she was as comfortable as could be and to give me peace of mind.

How do you keep your baby cool on sweltering summer nights?

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  1. I am a die hard new englander. Windows open at night. The second the sun comes up shut them and close the blinds to keep the house cool. It really does help. If all else fails we turn on the AC. #fortheloveofblog

  2. Fab tips! I really stress about keeping the little ones cool in the summer, I hate to think of them being uncomfortable. Thanks for sharing with #fortheloveofBLOG

  3. I feel worried during summer nights. It becomes hard to protect our kids from the heat and warm air. These tips are so helpful in the long run because I think the global warming is on its edge.

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