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50 Fun Things To Do With The Kids This Summer

Now that summer is finally here, you’ll no doubt be looking for things to do with the kids. Summer is a time for getting out and about, so the majority of these activities are based in the great outdoors. It’s so important that parents encourage their youngsters to get out out of the house. Therefore, encourage your kids to ditch their games consoles and embrace the benefits of getting some fresh air in the summer sun.

This summer will my first with a toddler, so I’ve been busy making the garden toddler friendly. I really want us to spend a large proportion of the warm months keeping busy in the garden and finding fun things to do. Following Little E’s birthday, we’ve now got a paddling pool, slide, swing and sandpit, so fingers crossed, we’re due a long, hot summer. With that in mind, here’s my top things to do to keep you and your little ones entertained all summer long.

  1. Enjoy a barbecue
  2. Visit your local zoo
  3. Have a waterfight
  4. Plant some flowers
  5. Go strawberry picking
  6. Go to the park
  7. Take a dip in an outdoor swimming pool
  8. Ride a rollercoaster
  9. Build a sandcastle sculpture
  10. Have a picnic
  11. Visit a theme park
  12. Dip your toes in the seadaisy photo
  13. Make an ice cream sundae
  14. Feed the ducks
  15. Visit somewhere new by bicycle
  16. Make a tasty summer fruit mocktail
  17. Throw a garden party complete with paddling pool
  18. Make a scrap book
  19. Attend an airshow
  20. Camp out in the garden and watch the stars
  21. Catch a movie at an open air cinema
  22. Go on a nature trail
  23. Do a treasure hunt
  24. Build a fort
  25. Explore the city on a sight seeing bus
  26. Join a summer reading challenge at your local library
  27. Make a daisy chaindaisy photo
  28. Decorate the patio with chalk
  29. Make your own fruit ice lollies
  30. Make your own fresh lemonade
  31. Have fun with bubbles
  32. Build a sandpit in the back garden
  33. Jump in muddy puddles
  34. Set up a hammock
  35. Play hopscotch
  36. Have a garden sale
  37. Enjoy breakfast in the back garden
  38. Make jam using freshly picked fruitjam photo
  39. Play rounders in the park with family and friends
  40. Hold a mini olympics style event
  41. Collect seashells and paint them
  42. Make a summer bucketlist
  43. Make a time capsule
  44. Have a sleepover
  45. Do a puppet show
  46. Bake cupcakes and gift them to neighbours
  47. Make your own ice cream
  48. Roll down a hill
  49. Grow sunflowers
  50. Fly a kite

What summer activities are you most looking forward to doing this year?

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