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My go-to baby bedtime essentials

Baby bedtime essentials are the items that keep my baby and I happy. I turn to them in the hope we’ll all get a good night’s sleep. After all, doesn’t every parent yearn for their baby to sleep through the night?


We received An Amazon Echo device for Christmas and she has become our go to device when getting our daughter to sleep. We simply say ‘Alexa, play lullaby songs’ and my baby is happy. Alexa works for both daytime nights and night time and has been a blessing. She even plays some rock clsssics which have been converted into lullabies!


Every evening before bed, we have a cuddle while little one has a bottle of milk. She guzzles it down it record time, despite having only had her dinner an hour before.

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I read a bedtime story to my daughter every evening. She usually gets fed up after the first couple of pages, but, I’ll persevere to the end. I like the 10 books for £10 deal that The Works online offer as it gives me plenty of options to choose from. Though, my daughter has a softspot for her Teletubbies books.

Bedtime comforts

My daughter sleeps with a dummy. During our first week of sleep training, I opted to attach it to her sleeping bag with a dummy clip, otherwise she wakes searching for it and gets upset. She also takes a small white bear to bed her which was originally on her play mat, but, she’s become very attached to it.


Tilly the turtle is our starlight of choice. We bought her from B&M and she shines a moon and stars which cover the bedroom ceiling. I like that she has three different colour settings and she auto turns off.

What are your go-to baby bedtime essentials?


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  1. I’m very much in agreement with the bath, bed routine. #FamilyFunLinky

  2. Great tips. This is pretty much the same bedtime routine we have used with both of ours and they always know what to expect. I love that time having cuddles while they drink their milk then snuggling up to read a story. Sadly my 9yr old son is too old for it now and prefers to read to himself, but I’m hoping my youngest sticks with it as long as possible.
    Thank you for joining the #FamilyFunLinky x

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