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How Stress Is Impacting Me As A Mother

Stress gets the better of all of us at one time or another. According to a recent study from Forth, 37% of the UK population feel stressed at least one full day every week. We’ve just returned from our first holiday with our baby daughter, yet, here I am feeling overwhelmed. There is no one thing that’s making me feel stressed, instead, it’s several small things that are getting me down.

What’s on my mind

Little E’s first birthday is looming and while I’m excited, it’s also going to be hectic. Despite carefully planning her first birthday, the prospect of a trip to the zoo and two family get togethers is weighing on my mind. On top of this, our dog has been ill again and he’s now on an elimination diet while we try to determine whether he has a food allergy. Except, he’s suddenly decided to hardly eat any of his new biscuits. And then there’s work. I love working as a freelance writer and I wouldn’t change it for the world. However, I keep making silly mistakes and I’m struggling to concentrate fully.

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The impact of stress

When I can’t find the words for my article, I stress that my daughter will wake up and stop me from completing it. Yet, her waking up is exactly what I need. I try to cram in as much writing as I can while she’s sleeping, but when the words won’t come, walking away and focusing on something else, is just what I need. With regards to her birthday, I want it to be the best it can be. However, realistically, I know she won’t remember it in years to come. Therefore, if she doesn’t like her cake, does it really matter?

The reality

I’ve been taking out my stress on my family. I’ve left my other half to deal with Little E and our dog while I’ve been frantically trying to write. On the day that I’ve written this post, I decided not to take on any freelance work and to give myself the day off. I may find it tough to write content for my client, but the words to this post flowed easily. I feel ill, too. My throat feels sore and I’ve got ulcers in my mouth – a sign that I’m suffering from stress.

It’s clear to see that I know what’s bothering me and that I know what to do about it to ease the way I’m feeling. Yet, time and time again I let things build up to a point where I’m unbearable to live with or fall ill and wipe myself out for a week.

Do you let stress get you down? How do you cope during stressful periods? I’d love to hear from you.

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