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The Baby Items I Really Didn’t Need

I wish someone had told me all the ‘must have’ baby items that I really didn’t need.  Some of the baby items I’ve got stashed are my fault. I bought bits long before Little E arrived in this world without considering how much use they’d get. Other items were gifts from our loved ones that, sadly, we didn’t need or want. I feel guilty that money has been spent on these baby items only for them never to be used. But, it’s too late now to have regrets and I’ve learnt my lesson. So, to help those of you currently shopping for your pending arrival or looking to buy a gift for a family member of friend, here are the baby items I really didn’t need.

Dummy steriliser

Some parents may find these useful, but I just found it easier to take multiple dummies out with us and, now she’s a little older, I use a dummy clip to keep it attached to her at all times.

Multiple Moses basket sheets

My daughter ended up in her moses basket for a grand total of 6 weeks before she decided to start trying to roll out of it. Therefore, the four sheets I bought were never utilised. I could have quite easily have managed with just two and alternated between them when washing and drying.

Standard baby monitor

Every parent needs a baby monitor to keep a check on their baby when their asleep. However, we purchased a basic sound one which didn’t give me the reassurance I needed. So, after a couple of months we forked out for an Angelcare baby monitor which continues to provide me with peace of mind.

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Excess newborn clothes

Little E arrived weighing more than 8lb. I’d bought all her sleepsuits in size 0-3 months, but. they drowned her. Therefore, my other half ended up going to pick up a couple of packs of newborn sleepsuits from Asda the day after we returned from hospital. In the first few weeks and months, babies typically spend most of their time in a sleepsuit. So, the newborn clothes we were gifted were barely used and are now sitting bagged up in our loft. I always appreciated receiving clothes in larger sizes as I found I had a heap of stuff for the first few months, but after that, I had very little.

Travel bottle warmer

This was going to come in really handy. However, I found that it leaked every time I took it out and ended up soaking our changing bag, spare clothes, nappies and muslin cloths, which was far from ideal! Baby has always been more than happy to take her milk any which way it comes, too, and doesn’t care if its cold, lukewarm, room temperature or warm.

Baby shoes

We were gifted a gorgeous pair of baby shoes from Marks and Spencer. But, little one never wore them and they’re now far too small for her. They may look beautiful, but their far from practical and would have never have stayed on her feet, even if I’d have tried.

baby shoes photo

Baby blankets

One or two come in handy, but I’ve lost count at how many we’ve got and can count on one hand the number of times we’ve used each of them. Baby blankets may look cosy and sweet, but, you really don’t need a dozen of them. We bought three ourselves, then received five or six hand knitted ones. Plus, we got multiple others as gifts.

Door bouncer

Some babies love these and parents across the country swear by them. But, my daughter used hers a grand total of four times. She liked it the first and second time. However, the third time she wasn’t interested and the forth, she screamed the place down. On top of this, I never trusted that it was fully secure even though it was set up as per the instructions, so I would never leave her side when she was in it.

Are there any baby items that you invested in which you really didn’t need?

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  1. I agree with all of this, apart from the blankets but thats only because i have a strange addiction to buying blankets ha’ but i agree that you dont need that many haha. I 100% agree with new born clothes, obviously clothes look soo cute in tiny sizes but in reality they dont wear it.
    You have got me thinking about what i didnt need, i can fully remember with my first but i know we learnt from it with our newest! I will try and remember and share.

    1. Blankets are adorable, but I’ve got a box full of them! They are so cute and tiny, but I just felt like they went to waste. I’m glad this was helpful 🙂

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