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My Baby’s Day Of Milestones

As a parent, it’s easy to obsess about your baby’s milestones. Whether it’s crawling, walking or first tooth, there’s always a milestone being met. Last week, we squeezed three in in one day when she turned 11 months, moved into her own room and got her first pair of shoes.

11 months

In less than a month, I’m going to have a one year old! I’m excited for her birthday, but, it’s scary how quickly the time has gone. It feels like she’s crammed so much and so many milestones into such a short amount of time, too. Having mastered rolling, crawling and walking all by 10 months. And, now she’s prone to throwing tantrums when she doesn’t get her way. It definitely feels like I have a toddler on my hands already!

nursery photo

Own bedroom

Compared to a lot of others, we moved Little E into her own bedroom quite late. My other half and I had always planned to move her into her own just before she turned one. However, after sleep training proved successful, we felt we were disturbing her when we went up to bed. So, we moved her a little earlier than anticipated. Thankfully, her first night was great and she slept for a solid 10 hours. I, on the other hand, got up twice to check on her and felt a little emotional about the move.

First shoes

I hadn’t expected my daughter to be competently walking at 10 months. But, she picked walking up quickly, which meant a trip to get her first pair of shoes was needed. We’re off on holiday next week, so I wanted to ensure she had a pair for our trip. She started off walking a bit like a clown, but, she seems to be getting to grips with them now. I’ve been putting them on her for 10 minutes or so at a time so she can get used to them and wheb I hand them to her she tries to put them on her feet.

All in all it was a big day and one I definitely won’t forget.

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