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A Baby’s First Easter

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This Easter was my baby’s first. Being 11months old, I didn’t want her to have too much chocolate to mark the occasion. But, I struggled for ages trying to decide what to buy her as I didn’t want to not get her anything.

To give chocolate or not?

There’s no concrete wall as to when a baby can start eating chocolate or how much of it they can have. Chocolate is packed full of sugar, though, so the amount they have – if any – should be limited. I toyed with the idea of getting her one of the small eggs that come with a cuddly toy or similar, but, felt we really didn’t need another stuffed bear and I still wasn’t sure about giving her a chocolate egg.

What to buy for a baby’s first Easter?

You get to an age where special occasions such as Christmas and Easter trigger childhood memories. When I was a child I remember Easter eggs that came with egg cups. They had characters from TV and films on them and I specifically recall having a Teletubbies one. I decided that for my baby’s first Easter I wanted to get her one of these sets. However, they don’t appear to do them anymore! The only Easter egg cup set I could find was the Help for Heroes one which is for a great cause, but not what I was after for my baby’s first Easter.

A breakthrough

I was overjoyed when I saw that Dunelm were selling egg cup and spoon sets with various characters on them. So I headed straight there. They had multiple designs, including a Frozen one, but I opted for the Minnie Mouse set below. I also picked up a Minnie Mouse food tray for her and both were her Easter gifts from us. Everything I’ve be buying for her recently has had Minnie Mouse on it even though I haven’t deliberately seeked out items with her on!

What gift did you give on your baby’s first Easter?

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