A Blogging Hiatus While I Go Self Hosted


Normally at the end of the month I’m posting my end of month roundup, but this month I’m announcing a blogging break instead. This break is solely so I can make the move and go self hosted, as I previously outlined at the start of the year in my 2018 goals.

I want to completely overhaul my blog, install a new theme and design and change my logo and accompanying social media logos. As I’m a mum to a 9 month old who took her first steps last week (yes, already!!) and I’m also busy as a freelance writer, I anticipate it may take me a few weeks to get my blog back up on its feet and exactly how I want it to be. So, please bear with me and ignore any oddities you may see along the way.

Why I’m going self hosted

I’ve been contemplating the move since before Christmas and have been  putting it off. I originally decided I was going to take the plunge in April after returning from holiday, but that seems like a daft move when I’m going to be knee high in washing and needing to prepare for my daughter’s first birthday.

I’m ready now. I’ve chosen my host. I (sort of) know what I’m doing, so sometime over the next few days, I’m going to do it.

Wish me luck!

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