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2018 Goals

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First of all, let me start by wishing you all a very Happy New Year!

I’ve never been one to make new years resolutions. If I want to do something, I prefer to get on with it there and then rather than wait for a set day/week etc to arrive before starting it. However, this year feels a little different. My maternity leave is due to come to an end in Spring and I’m set to return to work, which means finding a child minder to leave little one with. I also really want to push forward for my blog and while I’d love to just get on with all my blog expansion plans now, it’s not something I have the time to do immediately with a near 8 month old to also look after and I’m aiming for an organic growth rather than a full on one. So, here’s my goals for 2018:

  • Go on holiday – we haven’t been on holiday since April 2015, so we’re keen to go again this year. The plan is to return to Dorset, a place we love, before I return to work in the late Spring.
  • Go Self-hosted – I keep reading that going self-hosted is the best way to push your blog forward. Going self-hosted also means I’ll have full control of my blog and can add and control everything on my site.
  • Start up my own business – my circumstances have changed and I’m now not returning to the job I was doing before. I currently in the process of sorting out some alternative work and I’m hoping I can go self-employed.
  • Build my Twitter followers – I’m aiming to double my following to 1200 by the end of the year.
  • Do something for Halloween – I previously blogged about how I don’t really like Halloween, but I feel that this year I should make more of an effort, especially with little one who I’m sure will want to participate over the coming years. Therefore, my aim is for us to go pumpkin picking in the lead up to Halloween.
  • Start a baby class – Little one needs to interact with more other little people, so I want to take her to a baby/toddler class this year.
  • Blog 2-3 days a week – Since starting my blog in August, I’ve tried various different blogging patterns, including blogging almost every day! However, posting Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays has worked best most recently.
  • Finish decorating baby’s bedroom – this really should be done by now, but we’ve put it off week after week and now it’s almost a year since we started it! Little one will be moving into her own room this year so we really must get this finished soon.
  • Maintain a good work/family/personal balance – with me going back to work, wanting to progress my blog and start a business, I’m going to busy, so I need to ensure that I’m balancing everything as effectively as I can.
  • Continue our daily walks – So our dog decided a few months ago that he didn’t want to go for his walk with my other half first thing in the morning anymore. I think he much prefers our late morning walk when it’s much warmer. I’ve gradually made our walks longer and longer and am enjoying them more and more. It’s great to get out with the little one and the dog and I definitely want to keep this up throughout this year.
  • Go on the Polar Express Train Ride Experience – I am itching to do this! It looks so much fun and I’m eagerly waiting for the tickets to be released so I can nab some before they all sell out.

And I think that’s it! When I look at the list is done seem quite a lot, but I like a challenge so I’m going to see how much I can achieve by the end of the year.

Do you set new years resolutions or goals to achieve? If so, I’d love to read about them in the comments section below.


Shank You Very Much

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  1. It sounds like you have some great plans for 2018!
    Happy new year and good luck xx

  2. I'm desperate to try the Polar Express Experience this year too! Fingers crossed we get tickets 🙂 It sounds like you have a fab year ahead. All the best for 2018 and thanks for linking up with us for #DreamTeam x

  3. I want to go self-hosted but I am terrified of moving my data over. I've posted over 600 times and I know I'll go crazy with worry. Maybe I'll have to put this as a goal for me next year. Daily walks sound lovely! #DreamTeam

  4. I'm a bit worried about it too. I just need to find time to thoroughly look into it and make the next move now!

  5. I hope we both manage to get tickets – it looks fab!

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