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2017 achievements


This is the second time I’ve written this post as silly ol’ me, deleted rather than saved my first draft! So, I’m now sitting here trying to remember what I’d written the first time round!

I’m not normally one to reflect on the year gone by, however this year it seems more apt than ever. Maybe it’s because I’ve achieved more this year or maybe it’s because with not working full time, I’ve had that little bit extra time to look back at things. I can’t be sure, but whatever it is, I know I really want to document my achievements and hope you’ll enjoy sharing them with me too.

Gave Birth – this has got to be my biggest achievement of the year. To be frank, I was petrified of giving birth, but I got through it! It wasn’t nice and it wasn’t pretty – I screamed my way through it, the emergency button was pressed and no fewer than 10 doctors midwifes came flying into the room and my other half passed out, but I’ll save my birth story for another day!

Started my Blog – my blog started out of boredom. Stuck at home with a baby all day, who in the early months just fed and slept, I needed something to do. I started with online surveys, but I soon got bored of them as they’re so repetitive, then I stumbled across the idea of blogging and here I am four months later. I love blogging, I love writing and I’ve ‘met’ some lovely people along the way so far.

Twitter Followers – when I started blogging I had a Twitter account that a solely used for contacting companies and I had a whopping 30 followers! When I started blogging, I started actively using my Twitter account and engaging with people and my following has grown to over 600. This may not seem much to some, but it’s a lot to me and I’m very proud of this figure.

Stood my ground – I’ve learnt that if I don’t want to do something, I don’t have to. There’s nothing wrong with saying no, when I’m tired and I don’t want people to come round.

Tackled my Anxiety – this is something I’m still working on, but I’ve taken positive steps to overcome this in recent months. This for me is a great achievement and I hope this time next year I can say I’ve made big progress in overcoming it.

Got through the first 7 months of parenthood – it’s been fun, difficult, tiring, a learning curve, worrying, loving, enjoyable and so much more – but we’ve made it! We’ve been through good and bad times, but we’re stronger as individuals and as a family for it and I’m absolutely loving being a mummy!

So that’s it. It may not look like a long list, but, back at the start of the year, my only focus was to make it to the start of April when my maternity leave was due to start and then to the end of April when our daughter was due, so to have accomplished everything has been empowering and enlightening and has really opened my eyes to what I’m capable of and to what I want to achieve over the coming year.

What have been your greatest achievements this year? I’d love to read them in the comments section below.



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  1. What a year you have had! Giving birth is a very big achievement! Your birth story does sound so dramatic.

  2. Aww, thank you, Kim. I think I'll share it one day.

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