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It was the night before Christmas

I really want us to make a Christmas Eve tradition that we stick to year on year. It probably won’t happen this year as little one will only be 7 months old, but next year I’d love to create a Christmas Eve box for her to open, for us to sit down and watch a movie together with snacks, put out reindeer food for Rudolph and his friends and lay out a mince pie and milk for Santa. Over the coming years, we’ll be doing the whole sneaking downstairs thing to ‘deliver’ little one’s presents and I can’t wait to see her face when she sees that Santa has been. How exciting to be that happy and overjoyed when you’re so little and innocent!

When I lived with my parents, our Christmas Eve ritual was to sit down and watch a movie and we’d have a selection of crackers and cheeses to eat, before bringing out all sorts of sweet treats such as chocolate log and mince pies. We did that for years, probably from when I was teenager until I left home in my mid-twenties. This will be our third Christmas in our own home and the last two years we’ve sat down and watched a movie and we’ve had a mini buffet for just the two of us.

During the day, I usually bake a ‘Christmas’ Cake. I don’t make the traditional fruit cake as my other half doesn’t eat it and there’s no way I could manage an entire fruit cake to myself. Last year my cake didn’t go to plan as I bought some new cake tins to make a 2 tier cake, however I didn’t factor in that the tins were much bigger than my usual tins and so I would need to make a bigger batch of cake mixture, so all in all it was a bit flat. The year before however was more of a success when I made a Malteaser pudding cake.

I’m glad Christmas Eve is on a Sunday this year as it means me and my other half will have two days together to prepare any last minute things before the big day itself. Which means he’ll also be around to keep an eye on little one while I make a this year’s Christmas cake.

Do you have any family traditions that you do on Christmas Eve, I’d love to hear them!

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