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25 Reasons Why I Love Christmas

Reasons to love Christmas

Today is the 21st day of Blogmas. This month is flying by and I can’t believe how close we are to the big day! As Christmas is so nearly upon us, today I’m sharing my top 25 reasons why I love Christmas.

1. The shops are shut
I think it’s great that all the shops shut down over Christmas to allow people to be with their families. I’m all for the shops shutting on Boxing day too!

2. Spend time with loved ones
It’s what Christmas is all about.

3. Christmas TV specials
Who doesn’t love a festive edition of their favourite TV show? But why do they always get the snow?!

4. Children’s faces when they see Santa has visited.
It’s something you’ll never forget.

5. Christmas sales
Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Boxing Day sales, New Year sales – they’re everywhere at this time of year!

6. Christmas movies
Love them or hate them, they’re a Christmas tradition you can’t get away from. You can see my favourites here.

7. Dedicated Christmas TV channel – Christmas 24
Dedicated to all things Christmassy.

8. Mince pies and Christmas pudding
Two of my favourite Christmas foods.

9. Christmas lights
Everything just looks so much nicer with a bit of sparkle.

10. Christmas Crackers
A true Christmas tradition complete with tacky hat and rubbish joke, unless you opt for the posh ones….

11. Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas
I love a bit of warbling! *sings* ‘….is…youuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!’

12. Glitter
Glitter cards, glitter wrapping paper, glitter Christmas tree – yes I do have one of these! And, yes, my carpet is in a sorry state each year because of it!

13. Christmas jumpers
The tackier the better!

14. Christmas PJs
I love them! I’m after some Mummy Elf ones this year.

15. Turkey
The only time of the year I eat Turkey is Christmas.

16. Time off work
Each year I try to get as many days off over the festive period as possible. Last year I managed to have nearly 2 weeks off and this year I’m on maternity leave 🙂

17. Big boxes of chocolates
Heroes and Celebrations all the way!

18. Christmas trees
I love seeing how different everyone decorates their tree. You never get one that looks the same. You can read why I prefer a fake tree to a real one here.

19. Giving and receiving gifts
I love finding gifts that I know my family with love. Equally, it’s nice to be treated too.

20. Someone else’s cooking
I love the years where I’m not hosting Christmas and don’t have to prepare Christmas dinner.

21. Advent calendars
It’s all about the chocolate advent calendar for me.

22. Special Christmas menus
I love the festive editions and packaging on our favourite brands.

23. Wrapping presents
I love wrapping gifts up. I much prefer a wrapped gift to one given in a gift bag.

24. Christmas shopping
I don’t do much in person, preferring to shop online, but when I do venture out to the shops I love seeing the Christmas displays and experiencing the atmosphere.

25. Christmas Eve
I think I enjoy Christmas eve more than Christmas day. I love the buzz and excitement on Christmas eve.

25 Reasons Why I Love Christmas

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  1. Ahh! Lovely list…
    I love Christmas eve just as much as Christmas day. I love preparing for the big day. x

  2. Thank you. Christmas eve always seems that little bit more special to me 🙂

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