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Book Review – Mince Pies & Mistletoe at the Christmas Market

Wow! We’re 14 days into Blogmas already! Christmas really is getting closer and closer! For today’s post, I thought I’d share with you a review of festive book I’ve just finished reading and what a fab Christmassy title it’s got too!

Mince Pies & Mistletoe at the Christmas Market is Heidi Swain’s first festive book. At nearly 450 pages it’s a fairly long read, however I didn’t feel that it dragged it the slightest. It took me just over a month to finish reading it, which, with a 7 month old and birthday and Christmas preparations at this time of year is very good going for me.

The story follows Ruby who returns to her family village just in time for the Christmas season. Having dropped out of university, she lands herself a job running a Christmas stall at the local market, much to her father’s disappointment. With run ins with her ex, her father and the local residents alongside a big Christmas lights switch on, this really is a wonderful read.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book from start to finish and it really helped to get me into the festive spirit as whole story centres around a Christmas market during the weeks before December, so there was lots of mentions of sparkly lights, mince pies and stockings. I really liked the leading lady, Ruby, and the setting of the story was detailed superbly – I could vividly picture the characters, the market and scenery which I love when reading a good story. As with most female contemporary fiction, some of the story is a little predictable, but that’s what I love about these kinds of reads. I know I’m getting a happy, easy to read book and that’s exactly what Mince Pies and Mistletoe at The Christmas Market is. I’d only read a few chapters of the book before I headed to Amazon and bought Heidi’s next festive read Sleigh Bells and Silver Bells at the Christmas Fair and I can’t wait to read that next. 

You can purchase Mince Pies & Mistletoe at the Christmas Market Here.

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