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Christmas Tree: Real or Fake?

Christmas tree branches with light snow falling

For today’s Blogmas post I’m discussing the pros and cons of real and fake Christmas trees.I’m all for a fake Christmas tree. When I was a teenager my first job was as a cleaner in a block of flats and I remember at Christmas the amount of needles that were sprawled up the stairs and the corridors, which made my job that little bit harder throughout the festive period. From that moment, I swore I would never get a real Christmas tree. Our Christmas tree is a 6.5ft green tree with glitter tips and fake pine cones. I do regret the glitter ever so slightly as it gets everywhere, but it is very pretty and Christmassy! As you can see, I’m all for a fake tree, but what are the pros and cons of a real and fake tree?



  • Smells amazing – with fresh pine cones, your house will smell great throughout the festive period.
  • Family day out/experience when choosing the right tree for you – choosing a real tree as a family can be a great experience for everyone.
  • Bio-degradable – doesn’t cause any harm to the environment.
  • Each tree is unique – no one tree looks the same, so you’ll have a tree truly special.


  • Messy – needles continuously fall to the floor and need to be swept up.
  • Maintenance – the tree will need regular watering.
  • Arrange disposal – at the end of the festive period you’ll need to find a location in which you can safely dispose of the tree.
  • Annual expense – a new tree will need to be purchased each year.



  • Cost effective – a fake tree can last years.
  • Easy to store – will fold up into a relatively small box for easy storage.
  • Various colours, sizes and designs available – there are so many different types that you’ll always find one that will fit your desired location.


  • Man-made product made from PVC and chemicals – known to cause damage to the environment.
  • Non bio-degradable – can only be disposed at landfill.
  • Leaves a carbon footprint – due to them being a man made product, often imported from other countries.

I’d love to know whether you prefer a real or fake tree, so please let me know in the comments section below.

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  1. Perdinay for me it would be fake as I think cutting. Tree down and the having it dor a month or so then to chuck out ia not good for environment X #familyfun

  2. I prefer a fake tree. They can last forever and don't drop their needles everywhere #DreamTeam

  3. Very good point 🙂

  4. I completely agree 🙂 I much prefer a fake tree too.

  5. In my opinion there is nothing quite like a real Christmas tree, we always had a large tree that didn't drop, now however we have moved house and this one is too small to accommodate a real tree so we have a slimline pop up tree which fits beside the T.V#twinklytuesday@_karendennis

  6. Not dropping is good – I couldn't stand the mess if it did. Have a lovely Christmas 🙂

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