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All I Want for Christmas is….Snow!

Okay, so snow isn’t the only thing I want for Christmas, but the title wouldn’t have worked so well if I’d put ‘One of the many things I want for Christmas is snow’, so let’s go with it.
I’m not normally a fan of snow, what with the whole having to leave the house early so that you can scrape and de-ice your car just to make it into the office in time, having to tread carefully so you don’t fall on your bum in front of the office (Yes, that really did happen to me and my boss watched from the comfort of the warm, cosy, snow-free office) and it just been downright freezing that you can’t feel your fingers, toes or nose! However, this year I’m on maternity leave and well, I’m being a little selfish here, but I don’t care about any of those things! We haven’t seen snow in this part of the country for four winters now, which means we’ve never seen snow in our own garden and our dog has never experienced it.
Practically speaking, snow on Christmas day isn’t ideal for anyone, especially for those of us that will be travelling to see friends and family all over the country, so I’m happy for it not to fall on the 25th, but how about in the week leading up to Christmas? or even in the few days between Christmas and New Year?
My favourite memory of snow was one New Years Eve when we were at a family party. Snow wasn’t forecast as far as I was aware, but just before midnight, it started snowing and by midnight, the cars were covered. I just remember it looking so pretty and somehow it felt extra magical being New Years Eve.
Then of course the infamous snow days at school! The days every kid longed for! I remember one Winter, I’d kept a close eye on the weather forecast as soon as snow was mentioned. It was meant to be heavy in our region, the weather forecaster said. I was over the moon as I had double physics the following day. I woke up every hour during the night, jumped out of bed and went rushing to the window hoping to see snow piled high, so I was sooooooo disappointed when come morning, there wasn’t even a dusting on the ground. 
What do you think of snow? Do you love it or hate it? And what are your favourite memories of the snow?

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