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Baby’s Christmas Wishlist

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Today is the first day of Blogmas where I’ll be blogging for 25 days about all things Christmas! To start the Blogmas posts off, I’ve got my little one’s Christmas wishlist to share with you all.

This year is my baby’s first Christmas and while she’s not old enough to put together her Christmas list, I’ve done one for her! She’ll only be 7 months this Christmas but I don’t want her to miss out, so’ll definitely be getting he a few bits to open. We’ve also got quite a large family, so some of the things on our list have been passed over to them to get for her. I dread to think the state of our house come Christmas day!

Teletubbies – Big Hugs CD

Four teletubby faces on front of CD case


We’ve snuck in the odd episode of Teletubbies when little one has been upset and it’s instantly calmed her down! There must be something about them as when the bit with the kids come on, she loses interest until the Teletubbies return to the screen. I’m probably going to regret purchasing this when I’ve got the Tubby Custard song stuck in my head, but this is one of the top things on our list.

Vtech 506103 Rock and Pop Turtle

Green turtle toy with hole in tummy

This turtle is so cute and looks like it’ll be such fun. The turtle spins, plays music and comes with popping balls. I can see us wrestling the dog for the balls to this one!

Vtech Chase me Casey

Brow monkey toy wearing yellow hat, blue top with mutli coloured buttons and red rollar skates.

I love the look of Chase me Casey and I think he looks like lots of fun! He dances and skates around and also comes with numbers, letters and body parts interactive features, so little ones can learn at the same time as having fun. This is another toy I can see both baby and dog enjoying!

Minnie Mouse Dressing Gown

Red dressing gown with white hearts

With it being Winter, little one needs to wrap up warm and this Minnie Mouse dressing gown is just gorgeous. George at Asda had something similar last year and I remember falling in love with it then, so I’m glad they’ve got it back this year.

Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Cookie Shape Surprise

Yellow round cookie jar with mutli coloured blocks
We’ve picked this up for little one for Christmas a couple of months ago when it was in the sale. I’m glad we did as it’s gone up a few pounds now, so this was a nice little Christmas bargain. I think my little one will love the music that this plays and over the coming months she’ll learn to put the shapes in the right hole, so I think this toy will last a while.

Talking Teletubbies

Red tellytubby toy

It’s looking like little one is going to be a Teletubbies fan so I think she’ll like her very own talking one. I had Dipsy when I was younger, but now I think Po’s quite cute, so we’ve popped this on her Christmas list too.

What’s on your baby’s wishlist this Christmas?

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  1. What fun toys! My little one is turning one this Christmas and I'm planning on wrapping her own toys so she gets to have some fun and I don't have to spend money! I'll be sure to pass along this list to the grandparents, though as I know they won't be able to have any self control!

  2. That sounds like a great idea!

  3. My girls would love all of these, fab list! Thanks so much for sharing with #Blogstravaganza xx

  4. Thank you very much 🙂

  5. Very interesting info !Perfect just what I was searching for!

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