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Sleep Easy with the Angelcare Baby Monitor

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After my little one was born, I found that when she was sleeping, which, as anyone with a newborn knows, is a lot in the early days, I was constantly checking on her to ensure she was breathing. It wasn’t so bad to start with as she was in a moses basket directly next to me. However, when she was 6 weeks old we had to move her into her cot as she was already trying to roll and we were worried she’d take a tumble out of the moses basket. We tried moving the furniture in our bedroom every way we could in order to get the cot next to my side of the bed, but it just wasn’t happening, so we had to put the cot around a metre from the foot of our bed. I would frequently get up during the night to check on her, gently placing my hand on her chest to make sure it was doing what it should. 

Call me a worrier or an overprotective mum, I don’t care, I would have done that every night if I had to, but when she started showing further signs of being ready to roll I really started to panic that she would roll onto her face in her sleep and would stop breathing. I knew I couldn’t carry on worrying about her and her breathing in such a way and that I needed to find something to stop me panicking quite so much. Then, I remembered that a few weeks earlier I’d taken part in a survey about baby monitors and that the Angelcare system was introduced to me. I did a bit more research online and looked at the reviews of their products on Amazon and immediately felt that the Angelcare AC401 Movement and Sound Monitor was perfect for our needs. The monitor has a rouse alarm which goes it if it detects no movement from baby after a few seconds and if the monitor still doesn’t detect movement it then sounds a loud alarm to prompt the parent to see to baby immediately.

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As we have Amazon Prime, the monitor arrived the following day. We then had to charge the Parent Monitor for 24 hours, so it was the following day that we were able to set it up. The whole system was fairly easy to set up, taking us around an hour in total, but only because we had to run the sensor pad wires around the back of the cot and a chest of drawers which has a large TV on it and is full of clothes, so we had to move furniture back and forth. Oh, and we also originally run the sensor pad wires the wrong way around the cot! Oops!




Some of the reviews I read stated that the product was not required for a healthy baby born at term and that it was intended more for premature babies and babies that had been in special care. Our little one didn’t fall into either of these categories, however other reviewers stated it had saved their baby’s life and gave them peace of mind. Peace of mind was exactly what I needed and I’m so glad we purchased the monitor. Others said they’d had numerous false alarms with the monitor going off at random times during the night. Ours has only ever gone off once and I do believe that that was a false alarm as only a couple of minutes prior to that I’d seen little one wriggling. We had however changed her bed sheets that evening, so it was very possible we’d moved the sensor pad in the process (it has to be central) and that’s what triggered the alarm to go off. 

The Angel Care Monitor can be used up until our little one is two years old, so along with that and the added peace of mind, I definitely feel it was £70 well spent.

Disclaimer – Please note, I haven’t been sponsored or paid to advertise this product. These views are my own and this post has been written solely based on my own use (and love) for this product. This post contains affiliate links.


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  1. This brings back memories! We had the older version of the Angelcare and it was like an angel watching over me! Loved the little halo light x #FamilyFunLinky

  2. It really is, isn't it? I found the halo light by accident only recently – I really should have read the manual in full!

  3. I had this product when my boys were younger. I was really quite obsessive with movements and cot death. This was really good to help ease my anxiety and defo worth the money for peace of mind in my opinion X #familyfunlinky

  4. I was exactly the same. It's definitely worth the price tag.

  5. Baby monitors have improved somewhat since I last used one #fortheloveofblog@_karendennis

  6. They do seem to do so much these days 🙂

  7. I used this monitor with both of mine (they’re 8 and 3 now), and thought it was fantastic. Anything that helps bring peace of mind has to be a good thing.
    Thank you for joining #FamilyFunLinky x

  8. We didn't have this with our two, but I can really see how it must give you great peace of mind. Fantastic idea and we'll worth the money. Thanks for linking to #DreamTeam x

  9. It really does give peace of mind – I love it!

  10. Fab review, really thorough and handy! Thanks for linking up #BloggersBests

  11. The Angel Care Monitors are great and help to provide reassurance, and I'm glad you found it useful. Thanks so much for linking up at #fortheloveofBLOG. Claire x

  12. Thank you for commenting 🙂

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