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My other baby

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By now, you probably already know that I’ve got a 6 month old daughter who is my world, but did you know I have another baby? My two year old Terrier was my first baby and this year he’s given me and my partner some seriously stressful days and sleepless nights.

In August he got a stomach upset which included blood loss. I panicked and got him to the vets asap. They said he’d be ok and gave us a couple of medicines to give him over the coming days. That evening the blood loss got worse and we had no option but to take him to the out of hours vet, where he was treated for severe dehydration and put on a drip overnight. First thing the next morning I had to transport him from the emergency vet 20 miles away to our local one where he remained on a drip for a further 10 hours.

Not having him at home with us broke our hearts. The house was so empty without him and his toys looked lonely and unloved on the floor. 

When we got him back, we completely overhauled his diet, kept a close eye on him and smothered him with love and affection. However, even that couldn’t stop it happening again! Fast forward, two and a half months and there we were again. Luckily it happened during the day and I called the vet sharpish. They saw hims immediately as an emergency case he was put on a drip for the remainder of the day, which, thankfully, sorted him. 

He is such a worry though and a costly one with it! We’ve got pet insurance for him, unfortunately though he isn’t covered for anything stomach related, so we’ve had to pay out nearly £800 for these vet trips over the past 3 months! The only thing we can think that is causing these tummy issues is him picking up and eating things in the garden as he’s such a moocher! So, we’ve had to make the decision to ban him from the garden for the time being and he’ll only be allowed out when accompanied by one of us so we can keep the closest eye on him possible.

I can honestly say that having a dog has caused me more stress and worry recently than having a baby!

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