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Preparing for Winter

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There’s some things I absolutely love about Winter and others not so much. There’s no pleasing me really as I find Summer to be too hot (I hate being hot and bothered and sweaty – eurgh!) and I find excuses not to do anything and in Winter I get Chilblains and, undoubtedly, the dreaded cold that just won’t shift! I’m more of a Spring and Autumn kind of girl, but always find that they just sort of fade into Summer and Winter without ever truly experiencing them.

I like to prepare for the colder months and know that I’ve got everything sorted for when Winter hits. This year, I’ve got the little one to think of too, so more than ever it seems imperative that I get sorted now.

My Car
Being on maternity leave means I don’t have to face the dreaded early morning ice and, dare I say it, snow. Still, I’ll be stocking up bottles of de-icer. I find the aerosol cans don’t last more than a few days and that the spray ones last much longer, so I was pleased when I spotted them in Poundland the other day.

Winter Warmers
I don’t do hats. Hats don’t work on me and I just look silly – I think it’s my face! I will however be buying a cosy hat and fluffy mittens for little one, while I’ll be using the hood on my coat and some thick gloves for my sore fingers.

I love a hot water bottle, so much so, I’ve got three of them – a girl can never have too many hot water bottles! I’ll be making these up (okay, maybe not all three of them) and putting them in our bed to warm it up before we get in it. I’ll also be digging out the cosy socks and fleecy pyjamas and cosy dressing gown. Little one’s even got a cute pink spotty dressing gown to try out too!

Obviously, one of the biggest events of the Winter months is Christmas! The last few years I’ve been able to take or leave Christmas, but now that we have little one, I’m so excited and my love for Christmas has returned. She’ll only be 7 months this Christmas and I know she won’t understand what’s going on, but this Christmas is the first of many for us as a family and so it feels like we should start as we mean to go on – flashing lights and mince pies for Santa and all!

Aside from that, I’m getting my Christmas presents sorted early. Ideally, I love to have all presents bought and wrapped and Christmas cards written before 1st December. December is such a stressful month for our family as we have so many family birthdays before the big day so it tends to fly by and I don’t want any made dashes to the shops just before the big day!

Coughs & Colds
I’ll be stocking up on tissues and cough and cold remedies. As anyone with a baby will know, it’s not as easy as just jumping in the car and heading to the shops to pick a few bits up, so I’ll be stocking up on these now, before the Winter bugs arrive! I also always have the flu jab before Winter arrives as I had a nasty bout of flu 10 years ago which wiped me out for 4 weeks.

My dog gets cold too. He’s only a little 4kg terrier and he feels it too. He’s got his waterproof coat which he wears on his walks and we also leave lots of blankets out for him to snuggle up into and he always gets at least one new jumper each Winter.

We had a new boiler and thermostat installed two years ago and I still haven’t sussed out how to use it so that I can set the heating to come on at certain times during the day. This year, I’ll be digging out the instruction manual *groans* so I can set the heating to come on early in the morning to keep the house nice and toasty.

Power cut
We need to sort out a handy and convenient place to keep a torch and some candles just in case we have a power cut during the night. Luckily, we live close to my parents and when there was an all day power cut recently, we spent the day there, but I’m not sure my parents would want us all turning up at 2AM!

I’d love to hear what you’ll be doing to prepare for Winter – please let me know in the comments section below.

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  1. I forgot about power cuts. Defiantly need warm clothing, brrrr X #familyfunlinky

  2. I almost forgot about them too. I think I only remembered because we had one not that long ago.

  3. I have already worn one of my pairs of fluffy pj's, I love them!

  4. Oh I'm not a winter fan myself but I do like scarfs and fluffy socks! I am in no way prepared for or accepting of Christmas though, I can't believe it's almost here. Definitely need to get better organised! Thanks for joining us at #familyfun

  5. I love Christmas! Less than 6 weeks to go! 🙂

  6. Good on ya! 🙂

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