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Baby’s not been herself…


Sleeping baby laying on its side with it's mouth open weaning a grey hat

Is it a growth spurt? Teething pains? Is she feeling unwell? Is she just not happy?
Our five month old has been…well…a bit odd this week. It’s difficult to explain what’s been wrong with her, she just hasn’t been herself.

We’ve been lucky with her sleeping patterns so far. She started sleeping through when she was 10 weeks old, although after her second lot of injections she woke up for a nighttime feed for a few days and it was the same after her third set.

It all started on Sunday night when she woke up 20 minutes after we went to bed, screaming at the top of her lungs. Now, this isn’t like her at all. Normally when she wakes up she’s happy, she kicks and shuffles around in her cot, she might even start babbling or blowing raspberries, so, of course, we went rushing to her. However, our normal ‘it’s the middle of the night’ soothing techniques didn’t work, she didn’t want her dummy, she refused our tummy rubs and lullaby bear was drowned out by her screams. In the end, we decided to feed her, however she only took a couple of ounces before dozing off in my arms, but the second I laid her down in her cot, she was wide awake again. After much rocking and gentle persuading we managed to get her down in her cot, although she was tossing and turning most the night and we were up again before dawn.

We continued like this throughout the week. Her waking at various times during the night and never really seeming to settle no matter what we did.

Then, there’s been the day time naps. Normally, she’ll go back to sleep, laying on our bed with me around an hour and a half after first waking up. But not this week. She’d stay awake a good 3 hours before taking her first nap. And the naps have been much shorter. Usually, one of them will be an hour and a half, but this week they’ve all been short 30 minute cat naps. She’s just not been able to settle for long.

She’s also been off her food. We’ve managed to get solids in her, but she’s been off her milk, although we had one day where she wouldn’t take much at all, which was such a worry. She took her morning porridge, refused lunch and only took a few spoonfuls of vegetables at dinner. Milk wise, she only took 4 and a half 7oz bottles. Normally, she’ll take 6 plus her solid food.

She’s definitely been off and not quite herself. She even woke up with a swollen eye one day which was such a concern. We wondered whether she’d hit it on her cot, but from reading online it seems it could have been due to lack of sleep of pressure from the way she had been laying. So, I was so pleased on Friday morning when she guzzled her first bottle and then fell asleep on the bed an hour after waking up without so much as a grizzle, just as she normally would. It’s only seeing her content like this again that I realise how tense and fidgety her body has been this week, whereas she now seems completely relaxed and peaceful again.

I have no idea what caused her to act like this this week, but she definitely seemed to be going through a tough time and even looked a little ‘lost’ on occasion, almost like she wanted us to help her. Thankfully, we seem to have come through the other side pretty much unscathed!

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