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End of the month roundup – September


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Wait, it’s the end of September already? Where did that month go?

I’m finding that time is quite literally flying by at the moment. It doesn’t seem like 5 minutes ago I wrote my 1st of the month goals post. If you missed it, you can head here to catch up. So here’s how I’ve got on:

First on my list was to open up a savings account. I’m pleased to say that I did this mid-month. I just need to put some money in it now!

Next on my list was to earn £50 from online survey sites, which I’m pleased to say I’ve achieved. I’ve earned £35 in Amazon vouchers from Swagbucks, I won a £1 Amazon voucher in the GFK Media Sweepstakes, £3.05 from Qmee, 50p Amazon voucher for completing a NHS survey and £15.37 from Prolific Academic.

I haven’t done half the surveys I’ve been sent. I’ve found I’ve been too busy with sorting out my blog, social media pages etc and a lot of surveys seem to pay very low for a 20 min survey so I just haven’t been bothering. I’m definitely going to spend more time evaluating the sites to continue on with and the ones I’m going to close my account with.

Third on my list was to publish 10 blog posts during the month. I’m pleased that I have exceeded this and have posted 15 posts including this one. 

I also wanted to finish two books, Giovanna Fletcher’s Happy Mum, Happy Baby and Paige Toon’s Thirteen Weddings both of which I started when I was still pregnant. I’ve half succeeded with this one as I still need to finish Giovanna’s book. I’ll do it this month, I promise!

Next on my list was to get back into doing fitness DVD 3 or 4 times a week. I’m slowly working my way back up with this one. The first few weeks of the month I found this a struggle but over the past week I’ve tried out two new DVDs (Hannah Waterman’s and Charlie Brooks’) and I seem to have found my way again.

Sixth on my list was to start planning our weekly meals. I’ve done this at the end of the every week before writing our shopping list and I’m pleased to say it’s been a success! We’ve been eating a bigger variety of meals and our weekly shop has been on average £5 cheaper each week. Result!

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Last but by no means least was to buy at least one Christmas present this month. We managed to pick up the Fisher Price Cookie Jar for little one from Argos and it was on reduced to £10.99 so I’m very pleased with that.

Roll on October!

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