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A bad start to the day

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Today, I don’t feel like Mummy-ing. I’ve woken up with a tummy ache and a runny nose and I just want to close my eyes and sleep for another seven hours. But then the baby stirs and starts to whine. She’s hungry, of course she is, she hasn’t eaten since half 9 last night and it’s now 6 in the morning. I shouldn’t moan, she’s slept through the night and we haven’t heard a peep out of her all night.

Dragging myself out of bed to comfort her, I step in something wet. Brilliant! The dog has weed on the bedroom floor – the carpet on the bedroom floor I should add. We leave a puppy pad out for him in case he needs to go during the night as he won’t wake us, but still he’s not bothered to use it! Why bother walking that extra half a metre to the pad to save mummy the job of cleaning it up, hey pup?

Baby fed and carpet cleaned, we relax on the bed. The baby rolls over, much to her delight and reveals a massive wet patch on her bum, much to my dismay! How her nappy has leaked I have no idea. Not only is her sleepsuit soaked but it’s also gone through to our duvet and duvet cover – another wee cleaning up job is iminient!

Outfit change done, duvet cover changed, two puddles of wee cleaned and it’s not even 8am! Oh and I’ve still got last nights washing up to do!


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