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Save Money on Baby Essentials

As any parent or parent to be will know, baby products can cost a small fortune. There’s the endless supply of nappies, wipes and nappy rash cream. If you’re bottle or mix feeding, the cost of formula, bottles and sterilising equipment soon adds up and before you know it baby’s grown out of every outfit they own and you have to go and buy everything in the next size up.

So, why pay more for things when you don’t have to? Here’s how we save money on some of the bits baby needs.

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Nappy sacks – why pay over the odds for something that’s going straight in the bin? We’ve found that Asda and Tesco sell a bag of 300 for 35p. We’ve only used the Asda ones but we’ve got no complaints with them. We even use them for picking up dog mess from the garden.

Formula – did you know Aldi sell baby formula? It’s just £6.99 for a 900g tub which makes it significantly cheaper than the big brands such as Cow & Gate. Baby formula is a highly regulated product and has to meet strict criteria and standards so there’s no need to worry about the quality of the product and our baby loves it!

Nappies – all the supermarkets sell their own brands of nappies these days, so there’s no need to splash out on the high end brands. We’ve tried Asda’s Little Angels, Pampers and Aldi’s Mamia and our faves are definitely the Aldi Mamia’s. Prices vary depending on size but start from as little as £1.15. We currently get a box of 98 size 3’s for just over £5 a box. I’ve also heard good things about Lidl’s own brand of nappies too.

Clothes – look out for the sales and buy clothes in bigger sizes when they hit the sale rack. For example, when this years Autumn/Winter clothes go on sale stock up for next Winter.

Tu at Sainsburys often have 20% off throughout the year on both full price and sale items so keep an eye out for when these offers are on – they’re usually advertised online and on TV –  and grab a bargain when you can.

Don’t be afraid to buy second hand clothes from charity shops, eBay and other pre-loved sites. Babies grow out of clothes so quickly that you’ll find items are in a great condition and some will even be in a new or nearly-new state.

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Baby Events – Aldi and Asda regularly hold these events both in store and online where selected products are available at a ‘must have’ price. Recent examples of bargains from these events are a car seat for £18 from Asda and Aldi’s high chair which we grabbed for the bargain price of £13.99.

Bulk buy– buying boxes of nappies and wipes usually works out cheaper than purchasing individual packs. You need to have the spare cash to buy these in bulk though and of course somewhere to store them all.

Freebies and Vouchers – baby products are one of the most frequent items I see vouchers off for in magazines and on online voucher sites. Apps such as Shopmium offer cashback on various products including baby ones. We recently got a jar of Hipp Organic baby food which they refunded the full cost of and which we’ve stashed away ready for when we start weaning.

Shop in discount stores – B&M and the pound shops have a range of baby products in stores which will help you save the cash. Poundland regularly stock Dentinox products – we recently picked up teething gel and cradle cap shampoo. They also stock many Tommy Tippee products including feeding spoons and bowls ready for weaning. Whilst in B&M we grabbed new teats for our bottles for a £1 cheaper than other retailers are selling them for.

What are your top tips for saving on your baby shopping? Please comment below – I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. Really helpful post – I have noticed that baby product prices can vary so dramatically from store to store, nappies being a great example. It doesn't necessarily reflect the quality either, like you say. Fab read x

  2. Glad to be of help 🙂 x

  3. […] Babies cost a fortune, as any parent will know and when you head into a parent and baby store to purchase a new car seat, you expect good customer service, don’t you? Only that’s not what we got.  We recently headed to our local parent/baby store to take a look at the Cybex M2 iSize stage 1 car seat. We’d pretty much decided that we were going to purchase it, but wanted to see it first and ask a few questions.  Only there was no one to ask. There was one worker on the floor of the car seat section who had a queue of parents waiting to speak to her. When we got there, she was dealing with what appeared to be an indecisive customer. We would have quite literally have been there all day had we have joined the queue. We viewed the car seat in person and was happy that it was what we were after, but I wanted to ask if they’d fit it for us. But, I couldn’t find anyone to ask. Then, a couple of employees came over and we thought ‘great, us and all the other parents will get some help now.’ Only, they stood on the floor, got out a large bar of chocolate and starting sharing it between each other. So we left. I was so annoyed when I couldn’t find the car seat at a similar price elsewhere, which meant we were going to have to go back. The seat had £100 off it so it was a good price. It’s just a shame that reasonable prices can’t buy you good customer service. In the end, I ordered the car seat online and managed to get cashback which made the price even better. However, when we went to pick the seat up, we were told they wouldn’t fit it as it was dark! Now, I completely understand this, but why oh why didn’t they make me aware of this when I ordered the seat? A simple sentence in the confirmation email  would have ensured I picked the seat up during day light hours. But  their emails or website do not state that this is one of their practices. We could have gone back with the seat and had it fitted, but my other half managed to do it quite easily himself. But what I’m really asking is where has the good customer service gone? Do these companies who we give hundreds of pounds to not care about the service us customers receive? Or the criticism we give them via our blogs and on social media? I contacted said company on Twitter to make them aware of what had happened, but I never heard back. Several of my followers also included them in to responses of similar stories. Yet, none of us received a ‘sorry’ or a ‘we’ll speak to the store about what happened.’ Anyway, I apologise for the rant. It just really gets to me that I spent £250 with a company who did not make me feel like a valued customer. […]

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