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The Big Tea Debate


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Who knew that a mug of tea could cause such friction between partners?

No, I didn’t either.

It all started when my partner made me a mug of tea. No complaints so far. But then baby started crying and, as we’re currently going through the phase where only Mummy is good enough, I knew I was going to be the only one able to soothe her.

40 minutes later, baby is sleeping and I’ve successfully managed to manoeuvre her into her cot without disturbing her – result!

Then I pick up my mug of tea and take a sip.
‘Eurgh! It’s gone cold!’ I huffed. I moaned and whined a bit more until my other half had clearly had enough me. He took the tea from me and went into the kitchen. Aww, he’s going to warm it up for me, I thought…..then I heard the kettle go back on.

‘Have you thrown that away?’ I yelled.
‘Yes, I’m making you a fresh one,’ my other half confirmed.
‘Why?! You only had to put that one in the microwave! Why are you wasting teabags and milk,’ I carried on.
And on we went.
Now, I know I was being unreasonable. He was trying to be nice in making me a fresh mug and I was being as ungrateful as one could be, harping on about him wasting my ‘posh’ teabags over and over again – they were Whittards ones that I’d received as a gift from a friend.

So how did we resolve the big tea debate?

We didn’t speak for an hour. Then just before I fell alseep for the night, I burst out laughing as the sheer ridiculousness of the argument hit me.
‘I’m sorry.’
‘That’s okay,’ he said.
‘We’ve just argued over a mug of tea.’
‘I know.’
Then we fell asleep and by morning all had been forgotten.

And that was that. The big tea debate resolved.


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