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Costochondritis Returns

Man holding his hands to his chest

I was ‘diagnosed’ with Costochondritis in 2012. I say ‘diagnosed’ as I found out from my midwife when I was pregnant that the doctor that diagnosed me didn’t put the diagnosis on my medical notes.

Costochondritis is the inflammation of the cartilage around the ribs and the sternum which in turn causes pain when moving, sitting, lifting etc. It took the best part of a year for my Costochondritis to clear up the first time, although, since then, there have always odd days where I’ve been more tender in the chest and back than on other days. The last few days I have felt it coming back again and today it’s got significantly worse.

In 2012, my doctor believed the reason I got the condition was due to an infection as I had the flu just before I started getting the chest pain. I haven’t seen a doctor this time round yet, however I had a skin infection a couple of weeks ago, courtesy of some insects that decided to cover my legs in bites (and I mean cover them!). I’ve also been stressed, as our dog got very ill last week and ended up at the out of hours vet and on a drip for 24 hours. He’s my second baby and the thought of losing him was horrendous.

As I mentioned above, when you’ve got Costochondritis it hurts to pick things up that are even slightly heavy so I’m trying my best to look after our baby whilst my other half is at work, without putting too much strain on my body.

I just hope that this is a temporary return of the condition and that it doesn’t last as long as it did in 2012.

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