baby wearing a multi coloured bandana laying in cot on its front
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The Rolling Baby

Baby lying on its front on a bed with a bandanna on its head.

My 3 and a half month old has discovered how to roll and she thinks it’s the best thing since….milk! So much so that she’s doing it over and over again, much to Mummy’s and Daddy’s dismay!

Day 1 of rolling was great. Our daughter had learnt a new skill, a new trick, something for us to share with all the family.

‘She’s so clever!’
‘Quick, get the camera!’
‘Do it again!’

Oh, if only we knew!

Daddy went to work and Mummy was left with a baby wanting to show off her new skill every 5 minutes. Every routine I had went out the window. I couldn’t just leave her anymore whilst I nipped to the loo in case she rolled and hit her head, could I? How was I going to dust and vacuum the house? Normally, she’d play in the kitchen whilst I cleaned downstairs (with me checking on her every few minutes) then we’d work our way upstairs. But what would I do now she was on the move?

I did nothing.

The house didn’t get cleaned and the baby rolled. And rolled. And rolled some more.

I spent the entire day sitting on the living room floor with her trying to distract her with toys, games and songs but nothing worked, all she wanted to do was roll. I was waiting at the door at 6pm for Daddy and handed her straight over to him, tearing my hair out in frustration. ‘She won’t stop rolling’, I cried.

I dreaded the coming days when Daddy went to work and I was left holding the baby, but gradually over the week, the novelty started to wear off and baby realised that rolling wasn’t the greatest thing in the world after all. Just over a week after our first roll, we’re getting a handful of rolls a day. I can cope with that!

But there’s crawling to contend with soon……!

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