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8 Month Old's Sleeping Issues

By January 15, 2018 ,

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It's said that the sooner you establish a bedtime routine with your baby, the better, but what if no matter what you try, your baby won't sleep in the evening?

That's the problem we're having with out daughter right now. Ever since she went through leap 5 (oh, what fun that was!) she's refused to sleep in the evening. My other half gets home from work just after 6pm. I usually try to give little one her dinner earlier than this, but if she's had a late afternoon/early evening nap, she'll have dinner with us when my other half gets home.


Next, we head upstairs, have bath time, get her into her pyjamas and give her her bottle followed by a story. And then she's wide awake! Usually until 9:30pm when she's got grumpy, had another bottle of milk and finally crashed.

We've tried putting her straight into her cot and leaving her to self-settle, but this resulted in her rolling over, climbing up and bashing her head on the side of her cot, giving herself a nasty bump! I've also tried popping her in her cot and sitting next to her in the dark with just her mobile on, this lasted two hours before she got fed up and started screaming.

Rocking her to sleep used to work before and partly during leap 5, but not anymore. She's a lot heavier now and both my partner and I struggle to hold and rock her for any length of time, so being uncomfortable could be part of the reason why this method doesn't work anymore.

Sleep Regression

Our daughter turned 8 months old at the start of the month and from research I've done sleep regression is expected between 8 and 10 months of age when babies start crawling, cruising and pulling themselves up. Now, my little one has been doing these things she was between 6 and 7 months old. She started crawling at 6 months as soon as she came out of the other side of leap 5, a week or so later she was confidently sitting up unaided and this was swiftly followed by her pulling herself up and standing while holding on to the furniture. As she's learnt and is demonstrating so many new skills in such a short space of time, I'm wondering whether she's started going through this sleep regression stage earlier than expected?

Nap Time

In my tired state, I turned to Google for answers and came across a case study of a 7 month old where the scenario seemed to match ours almost word for word. The purposed resolution states that the issue with disturbed nighttime sleep can be be due to a baby's late afternoon nap. The baby's sleeping issues were simply resolved by a change in his day time naps; a short nap in the morning and late afternoon and a longer one in the middle of the day.

So, this is something I'm now going to try. At the moment, little one's naps are all the place. She has three a day but the length of these completely vary and her longest one may be any one of the three!

Wish me luck!

                                         Month Old'sSleeping Issues


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  1. Oh God, I remember these days like they were yesterday! (Where have 4 years gone, I ask myself?!) Little Man hated daytime naps but was fine at night, so perhaps you are on the right track with amending those accordingly. It's so hard when they won't sleep when you want them to. I hope you find a solution soon. Stay strong Mumma! Thanks for joining us at #TriumphantTales

  2. It’s so hard when nothing seems to work. It’s trying to find a routine that works well for you and your life as so often the advise is based on someone else’s and their work hours and circumstances etc will be totally different. By 8 months our youngest was down to just two naps a day, and hour around 9:30am (after dropping the oldest at school) and two hours from 1pm, having to be up by 3pm to pick my son up from school. She was then in bed by 7pm. With my oldest, the timings were totally different as our day was different and there were no school pick up times etc to work around. It’s a case of trial and error really. Fingers crossed your new routine works out for. Thank you for joining #FamilyFunLinky x