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My Favourite Christmas Baby Names

By December 06, 2017 ,

Multi coloured and different sized baubles laying together

Are you expecting a baby this Christmas? I can't think of anything more exciting than a new bundle of joy just in time for the big day! There are some great Christmas inspired baby names that you could call your newborn or if you're not sure you want to go all out with a Christmas inspired first name, how about using one as baby's middle name?

Below are my top Christmas inspired baby names and a little background behind them

Ivy crawling up wire

Ivy is an English baby name, meaning faithfulness.

Gabriel is a Hebrew name, closely associated with the angel Gabriel. The name means God is my strength and could easily be shortened to 'Gabe'.

Christian is a Latin name which means 'a christian'. Famous Christians include Christian Bale and Christian Dior.

Belle can be short for other names such as Isabelle and Annabelle or can be used as a name in it's own entirety. With the recent remake of Beauty and the Beast, Belle is sure to a popular choice. Belle is a French name meaning fair and lovely one.

Holly leaves and berries

Holly is an old English name and derives from the holly tree. Famous Holly's include Willoughby, Valance and Walsh.

Hope is another English name which comes from a Christian virtue. The name means trust and faith and has increased in popularity over recent years.

Noel and Noelle derive from the word noël which literally translates into the word Christmas, so what better name for a Yuletide baby?

Snow covered trees surrounded by snow covered ground.

An alternative spelling is Wynter, the name is an English one which comes from the season 'Winter'. It is also a fairly common surname.

Angel is a Greek name. It can be used as a stand alone name of a shortened version of Angelica. It can also be used as both a boys and a girls name.

Robin is an American baby name which means famed and bright.

Not sure how this relates to Christmas? Think Jack Frost. Jack is a very popular name which comes from the English term 'Jack of all trades'. Variations of the name include Jackson and Jaxon.

Eve is an English name which means living. Common alternatives include Eva, Evie and Evelyn.

Think Santa Claus! The name derives from Greece and means people's victory. It can also be spelt Klaus which is the German form of the same name.

Reindeer standing in a field

Santa's most famous reindeer could be the ideal name for your little one and could be shortened to Rudy for short.

So that's my favourite Christmas baby names? I'd love to hear the ones you love in the comments section below.

Run Jump Scrap
The Pramshed

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  1. Replies
    1. It's a lovely name - one of my favourites :)

  2. Ahh! I love these names. I hadn't thought about Christmas related names before. Fab list x

  3. Aah I love Christmassy names! I have a friend called Holly and another who's son was born on Christmas eve called Jack! Didn't even twig the connection! Thanks for linking up to #fortheloveofBLOG x