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Sleep Deprivation - it's getting worse

By November 02, 2017 ,

Person laying in bed on white sheets with the soles of their feet hanging out the end of the bed

At 6 months old, I wasn't expecting the sleep deprived nights that come with having a baby to be getting worse. But they are, they really are and I'm not afraid to admit that I'm struggling.

Prior to this, little one has always been a good sleeper. In those few weeks it was literally, feed, sleep, repeat. I could cope with that. I knew what to expect and there were no hidden surprises. At 9 weeks old, she slept through for the first time and from 10 weeks she slept through every night. It was sheer bliss and I couldn't complain!

She had a few blips following her injections, but nothing like we're going through now and nothing that a few cuddles, a bottle of milk and some Calpol couldn't fix, but over the past few weeks, the broken nights of sleeps have increased and the period of time she's awake and crying is growing by the night. I can only recall her sleeping through once in recent weeks. Every night she's fighting sleep, herself and us to avoid having to spend the night in her cot.

Now, I know we've been one of the lucky ones with her sleeping through from such an early age, but having got use to a full nights sleep again and for it then to be snatched away from me, is really taking it's toll. To be honest, I feel ill. My body aches with exhaustion, my eyes sting, my stomach hurts and I've got ulcers in my mouth.

My other half is amazing, he can see how much I'm struggling with looking after little one all day, running the home and the sleepless nights on top of feeling poorly and he's told me when she wakes at night to stay in bed and he'll go to her. I feel so guilty, though, he works all day and is up half the night with baby. It doesn't seem fair to me!

When we decided to have a baby, I expected sleepless nights, of course I did. However, nothing could prepare me or my body for what was to come. I hate to moan. I love being a mum and being able to spend all day looking after my precious baby girl, I just wish I could get a good night's sleep, to feel refreshed and enjoy our time together that bit more!

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