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My First 3 Months Blogging

By November 22, 2017

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Yesterday marked my three month blogging birthday. It's not long for some, but I'm proud of what I've achieved in three short months. In this short amount of time, I've become addicted to blogging. I'm constantly thinking about my next posts, jotting down topics I could write about and deciding how many linkies I can join in one week.

Blogging has filled the space that not working due to being on maternity leave has created. I feel a sense of achievement with every post that I write, anticipation when I hit the publish button and a 'yippee' when I receive a comment from one of my lovely readers.

I really hope that this post doesn't sound like I'm bragging or anything alike. I know there are so many bloggers out there and we all work hard to do what we love to do. Most are so much bigger and more popular than my little blog, but I'm proud of what I've achieved and really wanted to share it with you. I also wanted to write this post, so that I can look back on it in the coming months and years and *hopefully* see how I've progressed, so without any further ado my proudest achievements so far are:
  • Been Nominated for a Liebster Award - I still need to write my post and choose my nominees for this.
  • Got my first DA score and it's a 10 which for my first score, I'm happy with.
  • The total number of visitors to my blog is far higher than I anticipated.
  • Published over 50 posts.
  • Been highlighted as a 'Blogger to look out for'
If you viewed my blog when I first started out, you'll have seen that I originally opted for a free blog from Blogger (I think most Bloggers do!) I then bought my own domain and found myself trying to find a template that I liked - I went through many of them!

There's still things I want to make better on my blog and to tidy up, so I'll continue to trawl through the internet trying to find the various CSS codes and HTML required to make my blog exactly as I want it.

All in all, I'm very happy with what I achieved in such a small amount of time and I'm looking forward to writing my 6 month update.

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  1. Brag away! 3 months is a great achievement! Well done you! Congratulations! x

  2. You've obviously come a very long way in only 3 months! Keep up the awesomeness! <3

  3. Well done to you!! Love your blog💗