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Making time for ME

By November 08, 2017

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Last week, I moaned blogged about sleep deprivation and how it's been making me feel unwell. After publishing that post, I started feeling more and more unwell and on Saturday I had a constant pain down the right hand side of my stomach and was getting chills, despite wearing two tops, a hoodie and being wrapped in a blanket!

My initial reaction was to panic. With the pain being in my right hand side, I immediately worried it was my appendix and I was scared that I'd have to spend time in hospital. What would happen to my baby?! I couldn't be away from her! Of course, my other half and family would have looked after her if worse came to worse, but I just couldn't imagine being away from my baby girl.

A phone call to 111 alarmed me further when after 10 minutes speaking to the health adviser she said she was going to pass me over to a nurse immediately. In the end I was sent to the out of hours surgery at our local hospital where I was found to have a fever and UTI and was given a course of antibiotics.

All the stress and worry of what I was going to be diagnosed with and what was going to happen has really made me sit back and reconsider how I spend my days and I realise that I really need to find time to rest and to switch off once in while! Arguably, it's difficult with a 6 month old who's intent on learning to crawl, rolling and grabbing the dog's tail. She is however a very good napper during the day, so I can use this time to relax rather than rushing around the house, trying to do the washing, prep dinner, wash and dry up, make bottles etc all as quickly as possible, before going on to start work on my blog.

Three days a week, I've been going for a walk, doing an exercise DVD, blogging, doing the normal day to day chores, looking after little one and the dog and making two different dinners (my other half doesn't eat any of the 'healthy' things I do so we rarely have the same meal) and the other two days I spend at my mums. So, it's pretty full on and is clearly taking a toll on me. Therefore, I'm going to have a think about how I can spread things out across the week more effectively and allow myself time to rest up. These past few days, I've forgone the exercise routines and the calorie counting and have tried to just rest. It's been tough and I've found myself spending a lot of time drafting blog posts, but I do that because I love it, I want to do it and I guess it's my hobby. I don't put myself under any pressure to post a certain amount of posts a day (although I have decided to do Blogmas!) I just enjoy doing it.

I really don't want to get sick for my baby's sake nor go through another 'scare' like I did this weekend, so it's time to have a bit of 'me' time and look after myself. I'll pick up the exercise routines and calorie counting again when I'm feeling 100% and when I have the energy and enthusiasm to do it.

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