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The Rolling Baby - 6 weeks on

By October 04, 2017 ,

White dog wearing a red collar rolling around in the grass

It's been 6 weeks since I wrote my first blog post and introduced my rolling baby. She's still rolling for England front to back and back to front and loves showing us how clever she is. The moment we lay her on the floor she rolls onto her front without any consideration for what toys or obstacles may be around her.

One thing I have noticed over the past week or so is that the novelty of rolling has started to wear off and she's getting increasingly frustrated that she's not able to demonstrate any new tricks to us.

She's trying her hardest to crawl which, at 5 months, seems rather early, but I'm convinced if she carries on the way she is, she's going to be crawling within the next month. I don't even think she's going to go for the commando crawl either, it's looking more likely that she's going to go straight for the traditional crawl as she's already putting her palms down on the ground, raising her head high and shoving her bottom into the air. Once she works out how to tuck her knees under and has the strength to lift her upper body, she's going to be off and nobody's going to be able to stop her.

Anyway, back to the rolling...she doesn't roll in her sleep which I'm grateful for as I'd constantly worry that she was going to roll onto her face and stop breathing, although we have got the Angel Care baby monitors which would alert us to this. If I pop her in her cot during the day so I can sort out the washing or nip to the loo, she rolls straight onto her front and I'm constantly saying 'watch your head' as she has no perception of the cot bars either side of her.

I love watching her roll and she has the biggest smile on her face every time she does it. It's great she's hitting all the milestones that she should be, but it is a constant worry that she'll hit her head on something or roll into something she shouldn't.

Being a mummy is such a worry....and I'm only 5 months in!

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