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Tackling cradle cap

By October 02, 2017

Baby lying on its front with a hooded towel covering its head

Many babies get cradle cap in their first few months. It's not a pretty thing, but thankfully it doesn't cause any pain to our little ones and with a bit of assistance us parents can help to clear it up.

I don't remember exactly when my little one's cradle cap appeared. It's only now I look back at photos of her from her first few days and weeks in this world and realise that she did have hair whereas now she has very little. We didn't find any tufts of hair in her bed one morning or in the bath tub after bathing her, it just disappeared from her head!

I'd hoped it was something that would sort itself out, but the weeks dragged on and it began to look worse and worse and became more and more flaky. I was sure it wasn't going to clear up by itself and so a bit of intervention was needed.

I happened to spot some Dentinox cradle cap shampoo when I was shopping in Poundland. For a quid, I thought we might as well give it a whirl and see if it would help. I was expecting a miracle after one use, but of course that didn't happen. Over the coming weeks the cradle cap got more and more prominent and I fought not to pick at it, wanting to clear her head from the flaking skin. Oh it was so tempting!

Then we had a visit from our health visitor (a very late 12-16 week visit at 21 weeks I must add) and she suggested we use sunflower oil. Did she mean the stuff you cook with? I'd never heard of such a thing. I knew you could use olive oil in your ears, but sunflower oil on your head?! So I did a bit of research, hopping onto Google as you do, and it turns out she was right.

Sunflower in a sunny field

So I picked up some sunflower oil on our next weekly shop. My partner thought it was odd too.
'It's like polishing a bowling ball!' he laughed, as we gently dabbed some on her head, which the dog then decided to lick off.
'It's because she tastes like a roast dinner,' we joked.
The poor little thing is covered in cradle cap and her family are likening her to a bowling ball and a roast potato whilst the dog continues to lick her head, much to baby's delight.

She then started scratching her head, ferociously. I don't know whether it was a coincidence that she'd just discovered her hair (the little amount she has) or whether the cradle cap and oil was making it itchy, but she ended up scratching a whole load of the skin off. When we later bathed her and used the Dentinox shampoo, followed by a light hair brushing, a good three quarters of the cradle cap was gone - just like that!

Little one still has a small amount of it left on her head, but already the hair is growing back - much fairer than it was before too - and I'm sure if we keep up with the sunflower oil, Dentinox shampoo and brushing routine it'll soon be gone altogether.

Did your little one experience cradle cap? If so, how did you tackle it?

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