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Starting a blog while on maternity leave

By October 26, 2017

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First of all if you're on maternity leave and are considering starting a blog, all I can say is do it!
I started my blog when my little one was 3 months old and I absolutely love it. It's given me an additional purpose to my day - aside from looking after little one, of course.

I've been wanting to write for as long as I can remember, but I didn't know in what capacity. I had a failed attempt at writing a book when I was younger and thought about trying again when I started my maternity leave, but I didn't know what to write about and I couldn't stand the thought of no one reading my words.

I was looking for things to do while on maternity leave and stumbled across the idea of blogging and it just seemed perfect. I set up a free blogger account, posted my first post and off I went. I was hooked. Soon, I bought my own domain and started to play around with HTML - frustrating at times, but truly satisfying when you crack it.

My blog is growing slowly, but I'm happy with my current daily views. They're consistent day to day and much higher than I anticipated they would be at this stage of my blog.

When baby was around 3 months old, I found I was starting to get bored. Don't get me wrong, I love being a mum and looking after her and I'm lucky that I've been able to take the full 12 months off work to be with her, but there's the downtime such as when she's napping and I'm used to being in a busy working environment. In my job, I've always planned my own workload, worked off my own to-do lists and dealt with lots of data, all of which has made blogging the perfect pastime for me during this period.

In the long run, I'd like to start working with brands, but I appreciate that as a new blogger I'm a little fish in a very large sea, but I'm happy with the way things are going at the moment and feel I have lots more to share with you.

I'd love to hear what made you start blogging, so let me know in the comments section below.

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